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Autumn Wellness Tips 2019: The Common Cold

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It’s officially autumn and whilst it’s nice to curl up on the sofa and swap your sunglasses for a chunky knit – it’s also a season associated with the common cold.

Runny noses and chesty coughs can become a regular occurrence this season, but protecting yourself from the common cold doesn’t mean hibernating throughout autumn and winter. 

We’ve put together some common cold prevention methods to enjoy a healthy autumn and limit the chances of contracting a winter illness.

Can you Prevent Winter Illness?

Illness seems more prevalent during the autumn/winter months and it’s unlikely that you’ll prevent a bout of winter illness altogether, for reasons outside of your control. 

People tend to be in more confined spaces and choose to commute, where germs and viruses can spread easily and limited sunlight can cause a lack of vitamin D. 

What is the Common Cold?

A cold can appear gradually and it’s an illness that predominately affects your nose and throat. It’s likely that you’ll be well enough to carry on with most of your daily tasks - like going to work - but you’ll feel unwell.

Common Cold Symptoms:

What symptoms should you look out for?

  • Runny or blocked nose
  • Regular sneezing
  • Lose sense of smell and taste
  • Painful, sore throat
  • Coughing and chestiness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches/pain in the face
  • Increased temperature

You might not experience all of these symptoms, but anyone of them can leave you feeling tired, deflated and not functioning as normal.

Can the Common Cold be Prevented or Controlled?

It’s impossible to completely eradicate any likelihood of catching a common cold, but you can put measures in place to help you control the possibility. 

  • Washing your hands properly and regularly with warm water and soap.
  • Making sure you keep the household items people share clean.
  • Trying not to touch your nose and eyes.
  • Generally eating/drinking healthily and exercising.

Another way to control the possibility of catching a common cold is to try and maintain a balanced immune system. It’s one of your body’s first lines of defence that works to protect you from foreign microorganisms and limit infections.

How to Boost your Immune System

Keeping your immune system balanced can reduce your susceptibility to falling ill in the winter and impacting your everyday life. It’s an incredibly complex system with hundreds of different types of cells carrying out lots of different jobs simultaneously.

Maintaining a healthy diet, limiting your alcohol intake, not smoking, regularly exercising and having a healthy sleeping pattern are all factors that can help to maintain your immune system. 

Adding supplements to a healthy diet can also give your body the extra vitamins and nutrients it needs for better immune system functionality.

Can Garlic Boost the Immune System? 

Garlic is packed full of nutrients and it’s been used in home-made medicinal recipes and remedies for centuries. Allicin is the main active ingredient in garlic and has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

What does the research say?

Studies have been carried out to explore the health benefits of garlic. One such research trial involved 146 healthy adults being given either a placebo or daily garlic supplement for 12 weeks between November and February, to see if people were less likely to catch a common cold when taking garlic. 

The results generated showed that the placebo group caught 65 colds over this period, which contributed 366 days of sickness, but the group taking the garlic supplements only contracted 24 colds, which meant 111 sickness days.

Aged Black Garlic vs Garlic

Aged black garlic has the potential to help the immune system and be even more effective than standard raw garlic in combating winter illness, because it has much higher active SAC and gallic levels. This is beneficial, as these bioactives have been shown to be 10x more effective than standard white garlic.. 

Best Supplements for Boosting Immune System this autumn/winter

Vitamin C:

Whilst research is still ambiguous about whether vitamin C reduces the risk of catching a cold, studies have been conducted that showed that in the sample-size of adults, there was an on average 8% reduction in the length of time they had a cold when taking vitamin C supplements every day. What is proven, is that daily vitamin C intake is fundamental to a healthy immune system. We recommend you do this by eating fresh fruit but if you have to supplement, use a vitamin C from a food source rather than synthetic.

Aged Black Garlic

At The Naked Pharmacy, we grow our garlic in Northern Spain, which has ideal conditions for the fermentation period and produces unusually high active allicin levels that convert to the highest standardised strength of SAC at 3%. 

When you compare our Aged Black Garlic product to other similar products, the SAC levels in other products are most likely lower than 3% or not even listed on the label. 

We combine the fermented black garlic powder, packed full of S-allyl cysteine with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from organic moringa leaf:

  • Support immune health 
  • Protect cardiovascular system 
  • Cleansing for the gut. 

The research trial we mentioned demonstrates the effect of raw garlic on catching a common cold, whereas our aged, fermented black garlic is 10x more effective than standard raw garlic and odourless. It’s also side-effect free.

It’s an ideal safe natural food-based supplement for your gut, heart and immune health, which can keep your immune system balanced during the colder months. 

The Naked Pharmacy is the UK's first 100% natural registered pharmacy. Our product range is formulated using clinically proven strengths of bio-actives and are made from only natural ingredients.

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