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Mental Health Week - 'From Survive to Thrive'

From Survive To Thrive - Marina Pearson, Effortless Lifestyle Coach 

(Guest Blogger for Mental Health Week)


The clues of whether someone is surviving vs thriving comes down to a number of factors; how much energy they have and the quality of the experience that they have.


So if you are just surviving you might find yourself with no energy, reaching out for your coffee every morning and feeling like you haven’t slept at all. You may find yourself with consistent energy slumps and wondering what is going on. In addition your experience of life is one of stress, negativity, hurt, blame and shame.


Nevertheless it’s possible to live a life where you thrive, even though at this time it may not seem possible. Bouncing out of bed with lots of energy and feeling good in your body while having a beautiful experience of your life is your birth right and is so within your reach, even if you don’t see it this way now.


Over a 15-year period I attempted to take my life twice and fell into the pattern of drugs and alcohol abuse to numb the pain that I was feeling. It was a real struggle to feel happy and I constantly thought that there was something wrong with me – I would blame others, blame myself, feel rejected and walked around riddled with insecurity thinking, I was the insecurity I was feeling.


This all changed for me when I came across the principles behind the effortless way that I now share with my clients. My new normal is one of peace and joy and even though I have the occasional spurt of stress, it doesn’t last long. And while I have down days, I don’t let them dominate my life like they used to. I have more energy and the way I experience my life speaks to the understanding I came across.


Here are some of the major insights that I have had that should give you hope.


INSIGHT 1: I realized that I couldn’t feel my circumstances or other people, that what I felt lay in the gift of thought that gives rise from moment to moment. You feel the mood you are not what you are looking at (circumstances and others). The more we believe that we can feel our circumstances, the more likely it is that we will be depressed or stay in that depression. By looking in the direction of thought – inside, the less we see this as true and the more peace we invite into our lives.


INSIGHT 2: That we all have the capacity for insight. Insight helps so much. It’s like ego stain remover. This facet of our being helps us see through the illusion of our insecurity and separation and wakes us up to the truth of how life works (inside out) and to who we really are. If you are looking for a solution or looking for answers, they already exist inside of you.


INSIGHT 3: We are not our feelings or the diagnoses. I used to think that I was a DEPRESSIVE that I was DEPRESSED and that is how I labelled myself, but over time I got to see that I am not my thinking and that no-one is. We have thoughts but they are not who we are. In most cases than not, the thoughts we have were handed down to us by others innocently.


I have found that hope was what I needed when I was just surviving and knowing that insecurity can be dropped innately without doing anything other than knowing that its possible, is already making a big difference to humanity.


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