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Supplements: A Buyer's Guide

Here in the UK, we spend £400,000 million on supplements every year. So how do you know whether you’re getting your money’s worth? Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing food supplements from The Naked Pharmacy’s founder and pharmacist, Kevin Leivers.

Supplements: A buyer's guide

With huge variations in the quality and strength of products on the market, finding the best supplements to help you live a healthy life can be confusing. We’ve devised an easy to remember guide to help you choose food supplements that are worth your money. Follow our S.A.M.E Guide.

is for Strength > Is there a minimum concentration of active ingredients in every batch?

For example, Saffron, according to clinical research, needs three actives at the correct concentration in order to be effective for emotional balance and nervousness - safranal, crocin and picrocrocin at 3.5%. We'll be updating this page soon with our handy minimum concentrations table.

is for Actives > Do you know what the active ingredients are and what weight is needed to be effective?

For example, some products state their products contain 2,000mg of turmeric whereas it is actually the curcuminoid weight per capsule that matters - you need at least 380mg per capsule - this is what you need to look out for. If active ingredients are not listed at an effective does, don't buy it as it won't work.

is for Manufacturing > How do you choose which products to trust from the thousands of suppliers out there?

Look for the company's safety and quality registrations online, such as GPhC, HFMA, and also check each batch is quality-controlled for the correct levels of actives so that you can be sure each capsule works. Kevin Leivers, founder of The Naked Pharmacy is listed on GPhC (2037681), along with other reputable pharmacists. 

is for Evidence > Is there evidence to show your supplement or active ingredient has been clinically tested on people?

Trials will have been published in scientific journals. The evidence is fundamental to supporting a safe and effective supplement. Here is a selection of research papers supporting the effectiveness of the ingredients we use in our product range.

At The Naked Pharmacy, we sell ONLY products that meet these precise guidelines so you can be sure you're buying food supplements with ingredients that are proven to work. Take a look at our range for support with these common health topics:





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