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The menopause a second adolescence


The menopause is a time of life when our hormones start to change to prepare us for the next stage in our maturity.

Unfortunately, unlike other cultures many of us fear this stage and have so many negative stories - don't get me wrong some women have had really horrible experiences. However, I am sure that we can also start to share more widely our positive stories of how we can manage this change to empower ourselves. So we can experience it as embracing a second adolescence, where our hormones are all over the place, our bodies are changing, and our brains are rewired differently.

What we eat is important in helping us manage low mood, fatigue, water retention, skin changes, and mood swings.

When you are feeling "crap" about yourself eating well is the last thing on your mind so supplements may help in giving you the will to eat well, live well and make good decisions.

Saffron is an ancient herb used across many cultures. It has strong clinical evidence that it works in your gut to help with a mix of issues such as anxiety, low mood, SAD. Being natural your body chooses on a daily basis how much it requires and what can be eliminated, so there are no toxicity build ups. Feedback from our customers taking Saffrosun has illustrated that its effectiveness does not reduce over time and although it is not addictive, the "feel good" factor is.

"Saffrosun" is the only saffron product on the market, which contains the amount of saffron as recommended by clinical evidence combined with B6, B12 and Vitamin D.

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