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Supplements: A Buyer's Guide

Here in the UK, we spend £400,000 million on supplements every year. So how do you know whether you’re getting your money’s worth? Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing food supplements from The Naked Pharmacy’s founder and pharmacist, Kevin Leivers. With huge variations in the quality and strength of products on the market, finding the best supplements to help you live a healthy life can be confusing. We’ve devised an easy to remember guide to help you choose food supplements that are worth your money. Follow our S.A.M.E Guide. is for Strength > Is there a minimum concentration of active ingredients in every batch? For example, Saffron, according to clinical research, needs three actives at the correct concentration...

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Aged Black Garlic – All you need to Know

Aged Black Garlic – All you need to Know Add garlic to any scenario and you’re usually onto a winner…apart from a first date! Dating faux pas aside (top tip: try chewing parsley afterwards for a natural breath freshener), garlic’s a firm favourite with cooking bods everywhere and its versatility puts it in pole position in most kitchen cupboards. As well as adding some delicious flavour, garlic has got some pretty good health benefits too. So, next time you’re tucking into a garlic-infused dish, you’ve got reason to feel extra chuffed. But have you ever heard of aged black garlic? No, it’s not a culinary experiment that’s been left in the oven for too long, but your next favourite health...

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EXPERT INSIGHT: Menopause – Why Nature Knows Best

This month, we asked Hannah Charman MNIMH, Medical Herbalist, to give us her view on the menopause and why nature really does know best. About our expert: Hannah Charman MNIMH is a Medical Herbalist with a passion for integrated healthcare. She discovered complementary medicine as part of her recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in her early teens, and is now celebrating her 20th anniversary as a Medical Herbalist. She runs a busy online practice as well as seeing patients from her clinics in the West Midlands, and you can find out more about her at   If you’re reading this, you might well be pondering your options for getting through menopause. The chances are that this isn’t all you’ve been reading about...

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Small, Simple...and Strong - The Health Benefits of Bergamot

Getting to know Bergatone A fragrant and floral member of the citrus family, the bergamot is labelled an orange but its yellowy/green appearance often means it’s mistaken for a type of lemon. Moving past the citric confusion, one thing’s for sure, the bergamot orange is pretty much inedible as it’s extremely bitter, so you probably won’t see it popping up in your next G&T. Its bitter flavour doesn’t put it in good favour for a fruit salad, but that’s not to say that the bergamot doesn’t have its own set of unique and incredibly useful qualities. A Brief History of Bergamot The humble bergamot’s history is relatively recent, as it wasn’t until the 1860’s in Calabria, Italy, that the first...

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Saffron – Add more spice to your life

Read on to find out how Saffron is taking its well-earned spot within the wellness industry as one of the top therapeutic spices for the modern age. Saffron – Add a New Spice to your Life Saffron’s beautiful golden colour will no doubt be a familiar sight in some of your favourite cuisines, its unmistakable aromatic flavour transforms any dish with its striking taste. It’s a spice that can satisfy sweet and savoury tastebuds, but it’s much more than just a faithful cooking spice tucked away in your cupboard. There’s a rich and vibrant history behind one of the world’s most eclectic spices and we’ve put together some food for thought. We’re sure you’ll start to look at saffron in a...

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