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The menopause a second adolescence

  The menopause is a time of life when our hormones start to change to prepare us for the next stage in our maturity. Unfortunately, unlike other cultures many of us fear this stage and have so many negative stories - don't get me wrong some women have had really horrible experiences. However, I am sure that we can also start to share more widely our positive stories of how we can manage this change to empower ourselves. So we can experience it as embracing a second adolescence, where our hormones are all over the place, our bodies are changing, and our brains are rewired differently. What we eat is important in helping us manage low mood, fatigue, water retention,...

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Saffron: The Natural Way to Balance Your Mood and Calm Your Mind

As the world’s most highly prized spice, saffron has earned the nickname ‘red gold’. It’s derived from the saffron crocus’s crimson ‘threads’, which are so delicate they must be harvested by hand and swiftly dried. At the tips of the threads are the stigmas (the parts intended to receive pollen), the flower’s most valuable, potent asset.

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Exam Stress and Young Minds

Exams and the build-up to them can be really stressful for parents and students alike. Increased screen time, the pressure to succeed and the inability to switch off can tip the nervous system into permanent “sympathetic nervous system” mode. This is the “fight or flight” mode the body originally evolved as a mechanism to protect us from imminent danger. The anxiety response in the brain causes a cascade of hormones with wide-ranging effects such as shortness of breath, racing heart, paling or flushing of the face, sweaty hands... The list goes on and, if left unchecked, may lead to more regular and extreme symptoms.

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Turmeric for health conditions

Which health conditions can turmeric help relieve? Turmeric is a well-known spice with a vast role as a natural health remedy for many conditions. This spice naturally reduces swelling and discomfort in joints and muscles. Any conditions involving inflamed tissues can benefit from turmeric including hay fever and bowel conditions. There is also an increased evidence base supporting the role of turmeric in the improving cognitive/brain function and mental health conditions such as low mood.

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Organic Olive Leaf & Aged Black Garlic

In the run up to Christmas the social pressures, poor diet and cold, damp weather makes us more vulnerable to seasonal coughs and colds. Whilst you can't fully avoid exposure to the bacteria and viruses that cause these infections there are many simple steps we can all take to help protect our bodies and prevent them from taking hold of our immune systems. At The Naked Pharmacy we always look for natural approaches for health and the immune system is no exception. Two remedies that stand out for the immune system are organic olive leaf with high levels of elenolic acid (ELA). This is the UK’s only ELA supplement made using a patented natural process, one capsule daily during the...

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