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How To Manage And Reduce Stress - 8 Top Tips

  Stress is as an aspect of life, and we are biologically designed with a stress response and a nervous system mode to deal with stressful events. Historically, this would have saved our lives, enabling us to flee or fight when in danger. However, in our modern age, stress now approaches us constantly from a plethora of angles. We stimulate ourselves with caffeine and alcohol, and are hooked up to forms of technology all day, both of which can activate our sympathetic nervous system mode, we have insufficient sleep, we worry about our finances and the economy, and relationships and family life add another level of stress to the mixture.  The effects of this on our health are widespread, not to mention...

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The Naked Pharmacy

Welcome to The Naked Pharmacy online store and advice centre. We're a small and family-owned business with a great passion for helping people find the health solutions they need. We'll be starting with a small range of medicines and supplements which will grow as we get a more detailed understanding of what you need in terms of health products and services. Over the coming months we will be providing you up to date information on Natural approaches to health and well-being along with new and innovative products, not widely available in shops or online. We value all our customers and any feedback on our new site and its products.   Very best wishes  Kevin 

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