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Digestive health supplements

Most people experience digestive issues from time to time. This can be anything from an upset stomach to heartburn, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea or too much gas. If these symptoms occur frequently, then you're likely to have digestive health problems. These symptoms seem to exacerbate as we get older and our digestive system becomes less tolerant to the excesses of our lives.

When it comes to gut health and diet, lifestyle changes will help. We are learning so much more about the connection between the gut and our mind. Science is proving that the mind body link is extremely important. The vagal nerve connects the gut and the brain transmitting millions of signals to and from the gut every hour. If the gut is disturbed the mind is affected and visa versa. Mental health problems can create or exacerbate gut problems such as IBS. Therefore anything we can do to manage stress in our lives better will make a difference such as regular exercise, breathing techniques, mindful colouring books etc.

Even simple changes like not drinking anything during meal times or 45 minutes after a meal can support the body in its digestion, waiting 4-5 hours between each meal allows the body to digest each wholesome meal properly without interruption.

Keeping a food diary is really helpful to help you isolate foods, liquids, times of day etc and the emotions that may be affecting you digestion. It may be obvious such as gluten or lactose but for many of us symptoms seem to come and go and so one day we can eat bread without any issue and another day it just seems to wreck havoc with our bodies and energy levels.

You can also support your digestive system by taking natural remedies in the form of digestive health supplements. Natural digestive remedies offer effective solutions and gentle support for stomach and gut health. 

What type of digestive health supplements are there?

Natruflex - available to buy in 30 / 90 capsule bottles or as a bio-pouch of 60 capsules, this supplement is ideal to relieve reduce inflammation in the gut and also the accompanying aching muscles and joints. These safe and natural digestive food capsules contain a unique blend of turmeric and black pepper. They are gluten-free and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. As each capsule contains a powder this can be stirred into your normal breakfast porridges, turmeric lattes, yoghurt or smoothies.

Aged black garlic supplements - ideal for people with poor circulation, those that want to improve their cardiovascular health or for weak immune systems. Black garlic is produced by ageing and fermenting white garlic over several months. This transforms the allicin into s Allyl Cysteine and Gallic acid which are 10 times more effective compared to standard white garlic. This safe, natural, food-based digestive health supplement also protects the cardiovascular system and improves the immune system while taking care of gut health.

Weleda digestion calming drops - a traditional herbal remedy. These calming drops relieve gut symptoms from nausea, bloating, upset stomachs and diarrhoea.

Weleda organic/bio birch juice, cleansing drink - when taken two or three times a day, this natural juice will cleanse and boost your digestive system.

Taken daily, these natural digestive health supplements will improve your overall health.