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Nervous System

Supplements for Anxiety and Stress

It can feel so overwhelming when you feel anxiety and stress working its way into your life and your mind. The Naked Pharmacy has a selection of natural medicines and supplements for stress, sleep, mood and anxiety.

The Naked Pharmacy's natural remedies to help manage these conditions include a high strength organic Saffrosun capsule (with formulations for both adults and children), which can help you if your emotions feel out of balance, or you frequently experience a poor quality of sleep. The supplement contains three unique active components - crocin, saffranal and picrocrocin - which have been proven to improve emotional balance, alleviate nervousness, and improve your quality of sleep, all without any side effects.

Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops is a herbal medicine containing tinctures from plants known to have a calming effect, such as hops and oats. Easing tension and aiding relaxation, it can be used during the daytime as a natural remedy to relieve nervous tension, or at night to ease you into a peaceful sleep.

Wala Valeriana Comp. Pillules is a natural medicine that can be taken by both adults and children before bedtime as an alternative medicine that can aid peaceful relaxation for a naturally induced sleep.

With regular use of these medicines and supplements for anxiety and stress, you will feel an improvement in your mood and a reduction in the physical symptoms and interrupted sleep patterns that come with panic disorders.