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Women's Health

The Naked Pharmacy's Women's Health Supplements range offers a selection of natural, quality assured products in a Vegan capsule with no fillers. These include Saffron capsules and Bio-Kult multi-strain probiotics. These tablets promote emotional and physical wellbeing and positively boost and support the immune system.

Saffrosun tablets contain saffron, a spice that has anti-inflammatory properties designed to soothe and heal the body. These capsules can be taken without any known side effects, saffron preserves nutrients in the body and maintains stable psychological function. It also promotes better quality sleep, which will leave you feeling more energised and refreshed.

Bio-Kult is a multi-strain probiotic preserved in a capsules which aids digestive health, this form makes it easy to carry as it doesn’t require refrigeration. Our body needs a regular consumption of probiotics. The Bio-Kult multi-strain capsules can be used for short and long periods of time, great for when travelling abroad. Free from harmful toxins, the capsules line the gastrointestinal tract enabling easier and faster digestion. This, in turn, prevents conditions such as bloating after a meal and helps the body to break down food properly. 

Key benefits: Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians. (Vegan’s) Quality assured. Not tested on animals

These capsules are easy to take and have numerous health benefits which can genuinely improve the quality of your lifestyle. Products with high potency ensure optimum strength and performance. Made with natural whole food extracts, the capsules do not use any synthetic materials. Each batch is tested to ensure it is of the correct strength and effective dose, the supplements are the ultimate choice for enhanced immunity and wellbeing.