My name is Fiona, I am a wife, and mum to two incredibly busy boys ages 10 and 7, and I am also the Marketing Manager at the Naked Pharmacy.  I love working for a company that I totally believe in the products, and I love hearing and reading the stories from our customers on how these products have helped them so much. So today I have decided to share my story.

At the age of 42, I was feeling exhausted, tired, and not very excited about life. This was amid COVID. I knew that something was going on with me, but I didn’t know what.

As many of us probably did during Covid, I walked with friends to get out of the house. While talking to two of my friends who were a few years older than me, they started talking about menopause and all the symptoms and something clicked with how I was feeling, was pretty similar to what they were saying they were going through.

Perimenopause and menopause were not something I knew of much at the time, and I was only aware of hot flushes and menstruation stopping. 

After thoroughly researching the topic, I approached my GP, who told me I was too young and needed an antidepressant, with which I disagreed.  After a 9 month wait, I finally got to see a menopause specialist.

This specialist was amazing, listened to me and confirmed a lot of what I knew and educated me further and confirmed I was experiencing perimenopause.

I was placed on HRT, oestrogen and progesterone first and later testosterone. For the most part, a lot of my symptoms reduced, but I was still getting panic attacks and experiencing a lot of anxiety (only had these since perimenopause) and was still struggling with energy and my brain fog was still pretty bad.

I found out about The Naked Pharmacy from a friend, so was already taking their supplements for 6 months before joining the company. I can honestly say that these supplements have been life-changing for me. Most of my symptoms have gone and they are completely safe to take alongside my current HRT regime.

Naked Pharmacy Products

So what do I take? 

Marine Magnesium: This has helped my brain fog massively, I can honestly say I feel like myself again from a cognitive point of view. It has also helped me sleep so I feel rested. I take them at night, I started with 1 and worked my way up to 2.

Saffrosun Calm: I take this at night, and it has helped me feel calmer so I can sleep. I really feel the difference if I don’t take these every night.

Saffrosun Energy: Take this in the morning for those days when I need a little mood booster.

Metabolic Gold: to help with the sugar cravings, plus I have slightly elevated cholesterol and am struggling with my weight.

Gut Love: this has sorted out my digestion, I used to struggle with IBS symptoms and now don’t. I also pop Gut Love into my kids' yoghurts when they are taking antibiotics to protect their gut microbiome.

Natruflex: Since menopause, I have had lots of aches and pains especially in my joints and back. Natruflex has been amazing, and I am now able to do my weights, Pilates and Zumba class and not feel much discomfort.

Vitamin D3: I moved to the UK 5 years ago from sunny South Africa so really struggle with the lack of sunshine, especially in winter. This has lifted my mood and boosted my immunity, especially from all those nasty bugs my kids pick up from school. I take this year-round.

Immune Hero: Before taking this my skin was dry and my nails were breaking, but not anymore and it also protects me from all those winter bugs and for the most part have stayed healthy even when my kids are coughing on me.

Supplements on a fan

My must have supplements

  • Marine Magnesium
  • Saffrosun Calm
  • Natruflex
Kevin our founder always suggests taking one product for a few months, then adding another so that you can see which one is working for you, he doesn’t believe in taking supplements if you don’t need them.
If you are struggling with any peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, please contact our lovely pharmacists and they will advise you on what the best products are to help with the symptoms you are experiencing. You can even request a free call back at a time that is convenient for you.  Book Now