Black Garlic

Gut. Cardio. Immune.


Our odourless Black Garlic supplement contains high strength, premium grade fermented black garlic extract, combined with organic Moringa leaf extract as a plant-based source of vitamins and minerals. Here's what it can do for you:

  • Help support cardiovascular health
  • Protect and support your immune system
  • Help protect the gut
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    How it works

    The supplement contains aged, fermented black garlic, which is more effective than standard raw garlic, due to a higher concentration of S-Allyl Cysteine.

    Allicin converts into S-Allyl Cysteine (SAC) during the fermentation process, which has been clinically proven to effectively reduce cardiovascular risks and circulatory problems.

    Please note: we do not advise the use of Black Garlic for anyone who is prescribed an antiplatelet or anticoagulant medication. If you are unsure if you are taking such a prescribed medication or would like further information on this please get in touch with our pharmacists who are available to answer any questions.

    How to use

    ADULTS and CHILDREN 12+yrs: Take ONE or TWO capsules daily, with food.

    We always recommend that you follow a healthy and balanced diet.

    Caution: we don't advise the use of this supplement during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

    Key Ingredients

    We grow our garlic in Northern Spain, which has ideal conditions for the fermentation period and produces high active allicin levels that convert to a standardised strength of SAC at 0.3%.

    It also contains Organic Moringa Leaf extract and is manufactured in a tapioca capsule shell.

    Moringa Leaf extract

    Black Garlic

    Product ingredients

    Each capsule contains:

    • Black Garlic Extract containing active polyphenol S-Allyl Cysteine (min 0.3%): 125mg
    • Organic Moringa: 265mg
    • Tapioca capsule shell