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Anti-Ageing Products that positively affect the important markers of ageing. 
Bergamot Unique and bitter fruit found in southern Italy. The Coastal Calabrian Bergamot from Reggio is of superior quality and has the highest levels of active polyphenols
Bergamot Essential Oils Bergamot Essential Oils are manufactured from the peel of the fruit.
Bergaptene  BERGAMOT BPF cream is Bergaptene free
Products or ingredients that are easily absorbed into the blood stream

    DIM (Di-Indoly Methane)

    One of the phytonutrients produced when we chew broccoli. This is a nature-identical ingredient present in Accumax
      The measurement of high density (lipids) fats in the bloodstream
        High Blood Sugar Blood sugar levels over 125 mg/dL (hyperglycaemia)
        High Cholesterol The standard measure of total lipids (fats) in the blood
        HPLC High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
        Hypoallergenic Designed to reduce or minimise the possibility of an allergic reaction
        Fat loss Controlled loss of adipose tissue (fat) through a balanced diet and exercise, and supported by the use of Bergatone™
        Fatty Liver

        Part of metabolic syndrome where fat accumulates in and around the liver (hepatic steatosis)

        LDL Measurement of low density lipids (fats) in the blood
        Metabolic syndrome  A term used to describe a combination of symptoms. These include sugar intolerance, high cholesterol levels, circulation and weight problems; typically too much adipose tissue (fat)
        Nature vs Nature Identical synthetically Occurring in nature vs the identical compound made synthetically
        No animal testing Products that are not tested on animals
        Olive Leaf Extract Water/alcohol extract from olive leaf and then dried to a powder
        Parabens-free Products free-from a group of compounds that have traditionally been used to prevent the growth of bacteria/yeasts and/or moulds
        Pharmacopeia List of ingredients and products used by Pharmacists
        Polyphenols  Compounds found in nature. The polyphenols found in are unique to the plant
        Scientific Evidence Scientific research into an ingredient or product which supports its safety and efficacy. The highest quality research is often reviewed and published in scientific journals
        Telomeres Length of DNA at the end of each chromosome that shortens with ageing
        Vit A Palmitate Highly absorbable form of vitamin A beneficial for skin health
        Weight Loss Targeting weight for height and gender using exercise, diet plans and supported by BERGATONE