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Physic Health

Hannah Charman
Herbal Medicine & Health
Perton, Staffordshire


Nicola Monson
Functional Medicine


Lou Tassell
Holistic Therapist
Surbiton, Surrey

Eleanor Strang
Nutritional Therapist
GU21 4AA




Helen King

Holistic Therapies
Albury, Surrey





DISCLAIMER - Please note that The Naked Pharmacy only publishes permitted member details on the practitioner pages of our website. These member contact details are to be used for the sole purpose of requesting information about their professional services as Nutrition professionals. The Naked Pharmacy kindly asks all commercial organisations to refrain from using member practitioner pages as a source of contact details for sales emails or calls and reminds them that by using information obtained from this website for marketing purposes they will be in breach of privacy and electronic communication legislation, notably Section 11 of the Data Protection Act. Practitioners who are being contacted by companies as a direct result of their listing on this page can ask that company to remove them from their mailing list citing Section 11 of the Data Protection Act or they can contact the Information Commissioners Office