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Effectiveness Grade

In addition to ensuring all our products are made in GMP-audited and approved facilities, we make sure that all raw materials and products go through detailed quality-testing programs.

The Naked Pharmacy has a unique grading system and this demonstrates the level of research and efficacy supporting each product. All our products come under a 3-tier grading system; gold, silver and bronze.  Please see below for more information.




  • Multiple randomized placebo-controlled studies undertaken on human patients using exact same dosage and formulation of product 
  • Results positive and statistically significant
  • Scientific paper(s) published in peer review journal(s)



  • 1 - 2 Randomized studies with smaller trial groups. Results significant and positive 
  • Several unpublished and published papers
  • There is also supporting research information on active substances.



  • Limited or no randomized clinical trials but there is active substance or product research with positive and significant results
  • Some unpublished or published data / papers