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Natruflex with high strength Turmeric 

Personally, I’ve found Natruflex to be a bit of a miracle cure.
I’ve been a competent runner for a few years but more recently had been suffering from Sciatica; not only was this very painful but it prevented me from being able to jog even short distances. A friend recommended I try Natruflex and almost immediately I felt the effects, my sciatica became far less angry and less persistent and within a week I was out running pain free. I slowly increased my runs with no painful effects and within a month I was able to successfully run the Bath Half marathon; something that I’d previously thought was totally out of the question.
If you enjoy sport and have any kind of muscular or ligament injury, I highly recommend you give Natruflex a try.

Fiona Jarman


Mr R’s Statement  26th September 2017

I suffered a viral attack on my heart in May 2014 called Myocarditis. After a week in hospital, many drugs, MRI etc. I was told that the virus had not damaged the heart but I was left with inflammation around the muscle of the heart. I was prescribed to take 4 ibuprofen tablets 3 times a day, 2 paracetamol 3 times a day and gout tablet. I was advised to continue to take the tablets until I felt well enough to stop taking them. The cardiologist gave me the impression I would recover quickly.

The viral attack leaves inflammation around the heart, which leaves you unable to take part in any sports activities. It reduces you to a very slow pace of walking and gives you a constant aching pain in the chest. It often gives you a burning sensation as if stoked through the chest and out of your back. The lack of physical activity and ability is quite shocking.

In September 2014, on a follow-up appointment, I was no further forward with no improvement to my health and I was dependant on the over the counter tablets and gout tablet to relieve the constant aches and pains.

The cardiologist was surprised I was not any better and after a second MRI the results concluded that I had made little improvement and recommended doubling the recommended daily dosage! He suggested a 10x dosage of Anadin 3 times a day as he was at a loss as what else he could suggest to improve my situation. I only managed to take two of these tablets as it increased the pain tenfold. So I just continued with the previous tablets.

February 2016 I decided that I should not continue to take the high dosage of ibuprofen and that I should try to reduce the amount I was taking. This presented a problem as I was now dependant on them as I soon found out. Out of the 12 ibuprofen a day I was taking, I tried to drop just one tablet a day per week. I would get so low from this and it would create, what some would call a cotton wool head, struggling to think properly and have negative thoughts. I had become addicted to the ibuprofen. It would take about 2 weeks for me to feel normal again and I began to dread dropping another tablet, as I knew what I would have to go through.



It was at this point that I decided to try alternative therapies. I saw an acupuncturist and she said that my body was full of inflammation. She recommended a Paleo diet to reduce the inflammation. She also put me in touch with Kevin from the Naked Pharmacy. 

When I contacted Kevin at the Naked Pharmacy, he could not have been more helpful. We had a half hour telephone consultation where I was able to tell him all about my case. It was then that he recommended that I take:

Aged black garlic - for cardiovascular and immune protection

Natruflex (turmeric and black pepper) – for muscles and joints

Saffrosun (includes saffron and other supplements) – for psychological balance and fatigue.

Kevin recommended I take his supplements for two weeks. After the two weeks period I was able to stop all over the counter and prescription drugs in one go with no withdrawal side effects. This really did prove to me that the supplements worked.

A year later I have now been able to take up jogging again and can do most types of physical exercise. I very rarely have pain (only when I forget to take the naked pharmacy tablets!) My mental health has greatly improved and on the whole I feel back to normal. What is so wonderful about the naked pharmacy products is that they work and they have no side effects. These tablets really have changed my life.

I have also recommended Saffrosun to friends who now also swear by them. In one case, her partner had bi-polar tendencies but refused to go on any medication. He is now taking Saffrosun and she has really noticed a difference in him. The naked pharmacy products really do work.

Mr R, Surrey

I was recently diagnosed with Polymyalgia after suffering years of neck and shoulder pain and relied on pain killers to reduce the discomfort. This was also preventing me from sleeping. Despite massage and accupuncture treatments the symptoms were getting steadily worse and I had also started suffering from night sweats. I was recommended Natruflex from The Naked Pharmacy, for the high strength turmeric and took two capsules a day. The pain and night sweats disappeared within the first week but returned when I ran out of capsules. The pain and sweats stopped again as soon as I started taking a new supply so I feel sure that the turmeric has really helped.

Irene, Nottingham Aged 77


Olive Leaf with Elenolic Acid

During the third re-occurance of a chesty cough in eight weeks, I started taking Olive Leaf with Elenolic acid capsules from The Naked Pharmacy. Within two days the cough was noticeably better and within five days all symptoms had gone.

I would highly recommend these capsules.

Gillian Hoyle


Last week I was suffering from the beginnings of a chest infection, a horrible tickly throat which won't allow you to sleep as you feel you keep needing to swallow and of course the lovely phlegm in various shades of bright green. I am due to travel this week and so I needed something to knock it out. I started taking two olive leaf with elenolic acid capsules a day, one on the morning and one at night and within 3 days the tickle had gone and tellingly the phlegm was no longer green. Absolutely a miracle cure. I am still taking one daily as I travel to ward off any airplane bugs but I feel much more confident about flying now.

Thank you Naked Pharmacy!

Abigail, Guildford, Surrey



My client is hugely impressed with this product from the Naked Pharmacy. She has only been taking it for a few weeks but in that time she has lost an inch from her waist, her blood pressure readings are down by 10 points, and her digestion is much improved. Best of all, as she put it, ‘her love handles are going!’

Hannah Charman, Health Consultant 

Bergatone Plus:

I have been on prescription niacin for 18 years for genetically low HDL which runs in my family. I recently decided to do my own experiment replacing the niacin 1,000 to sometimes 1500mg with twice daily Bergamot 47% strength tablets 675mg. My baseline HDL usually runs around 39, and with prescription niacin, it would run around 68 to 70. After discontinuing the niacin for 6 months, which would have brought my HDL back down to baseline, and replacing with Bergamot 47% (Bergatone Plus) for 6 months, I was very happy to see my HDL was 65. This was an incredible result.

Claudia Ayon, R.N.


Dr Ross Walker, Consultant Cardiologist, client lipid test results

Pre & Post Bergamot 47%

Status                 Fasting   Fasting   Fasting   Fasting           
Cholesterol          H 7.4     H 8.3     H 8.3       4.7   mmol/L    (3.9-5.5)
Triglycerides            1.2     H 1.8     H 1.8       0.9   mmol/L    (0.5-1.7)
HDL Chol.                1.3        1.4       1.4     H 1.6   mmol/L    (0.8-1.5)
LDL Chol.             H 5.5     H 6.1     H 6.1       2.7   mmol/L    (1.7-3.5)



I'm pleased to say that my patient has reported a significant decrease in anxiety while taking the Saffrosun"

Tom Greenfield, ND


I started taking Saffrosun 8 months ago and feel like a different person. I lead a very busy life with demands on my time and emotional energy and as I approach 50 was beginning to feel physically and mentally exhausted. I have never been susceptible to mood swings PMT but suddenly found myself increasingly irritable and snappy. In honesty I was experiencing bouts of rage ( a new experience) over matters that simply didn't warrant the level of anger I felt. I was also experiencing forgetfulness and brain fog which didn't make any sense to me and only served to increase irritability. I had tried a brief spell of HRT prescribed by the GP but the side effects of bloating and weight gain far outweighed the short lived benefits which only lasted a few weeks before the erratic emotional responses returned. Furthermore taking medication to deal with a natural process didn't sit right with me.

I started taking saffron after a friend suggested it. For 6 weeks I took it alongside my HRT tablets before dropping them completely and relying solely on the Saffrosun.
I experienced an almost immediate sense of stability in my thinking, the brain fog lifted and the irritability vanished. My emotional capacity to deal the demands of my life felt invigorated
Within 3 weeks of stopping the HRT my weight dropped by 12lb and remained fairly stable ever since. 
I am so happy to be able to journey through this hormonal process supported by a wholly natural product. 
Thank you 

Eleanor Pool
Dip Hyp CS 
Ad Dip PsyC


"We've just tried Saffrosun, and rate it with 5 stars for efficacy against tiredness and anxiety. What a fabulous product!

After a week's trial of The Naked Pharmacy's ‪Saffrosun‬ - a food supplement which helps reduce tiredness, fatigue, and anxiety, our verdict is..... 5 stars!! We highly recommend this for its efficacy in promoting a sense of calm in periods of stress, combatting excessive tiredness from lack of sleep, and uplifting anxious moods. We tested this on 2 adults who took 2 capsules daily for a week. Each participant confirmed immediate positive results within 4-6 days of usage!

Saffrosun contains Vitamins B6, B12, D3 and concentrated extracts of the precious saffron. For periods of calm, we recommend Saffrosun!"

Sheila N. Judalena- Nutritional Therapy Clinic


“Over the past two years I have been suffering from Depression and severe Agoraphobia. I have only been able to leave my flat for essential shopping and returned home as soon as I could. Agoraphobia is one continuous panic attack, and is an irrational fear of open spaces and people and crowds. It is terribly debilitating and has led to my putting on a considerable amount of weight due to lack of any movement or exercise, which normally I love, and my usual confidence disappeared. I could not even pick up the phone to chat with my friends and family and even my own Mother.

Then, about 8 weeks ago, a close friend of mine contacted me about this nutritional supplement Saffrosun, based on a high quality extract of Saffron. Les asked me to trial this supplement for a two week period and after only 6 days, I jumped on the bus to visit my Mum and spent the whole afternoon with her, and felt so bubbly and hyper it was just incredible. This new attitude then left me and I went back in to my shell again. But 3 weeks later and since then, I have been going out virtually everyday on my bike and loving the outdoors and the sunshine by the River and the beautiful scenery. I have been on a long cycles, have visited my Mother now on several occasions and enjoyed spending quality time with her and also enjoyed going out to see friends again with music and dancing. My confidence level has increased at least 60 - 70 %. Les has also had good feedback from other clients with problems with mood and anxiety.

There is a way to go yet, but the change in my level of determination to beat this has altered dramatically and I now find myself planning the next days activities instead of just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing.

This product has no side effects and so is very reasonably priced and only taken for a short period of time. It is also not addictive, being a nutritional supplement. I must stress I am not completely cured but my life has changed dramatically in such a short period of time.

Testimonial from Mr O, Surrey


'I have been taking Saffrosun for three months now as an alternative to prescribed conventional medicines. My mental balance and well being has much improved; I am sleeping better, I also have more energy and motivation. I have recommended Saffrosun to friends and family who also find them very beneficial with similar results as myself. It is also an added bonus that they are a natural product with no side effects.'

M, Surrey


'I don't consider myself to be a moody person, more of a pick yourself up and get on with it type. However, about 6 months ago, I found myself continually feeling tired despite going to bed early, and lethargic in the afternoon. I continually felt low and grumpy. A blood test revealed that my vitamin d level was extremely low which shocked me. So I started taking Saffrosun and it has made a massive difference. I am now sleeping through the night and not waking up 3 or 4 times unable to get back to sleep. My brain feels clearer and this has had a significant impact for both myself and my family. I feel that I actually have the emotional reserves I need on daily basis to deal with drama, as a mum, wife and self employed business woman. Life throws up challenges and I would have been the first one to get angry disproportionately. I feel that Saffrosun allows me to have a perspective, so I don’t get wound up over the little things and am able to catch myself in the heat of the moment. I love the fact it is natural, non addictive and also that my body only takes what it needs on a daily basis.'

A, Surrey


As an NHS professional, I was impressed by the quality and clinical evidence of Saffrosun when I first heard about it. I decided to trial taking Saffrosun to 'brighten my mood' and counterbalance a busy lifestyle juggling children and working part time. Within a week of starting this supplement there were two incidences that I personally felt tested the effectiveness of Saffrosun. One was incident involving damage to my car and another where I had to pay a significant additional amount for a wrong train ticket. Instead of my usual 'highly strung' emotional reaction I found myself clear-headed, calm and able to communicate clearly to others involved in both situations. I have to say I'm impressed with Saffrosun and would recommend it to all other juggling mums out there!

Mrs W, Guildford



"I have dry, sensitive skin (eczema), and after years of steroid cream use my skin has become thin and prone to cracking, especially on my hands. Vivaderm helps keep my skin feeling good, and the absence of perfume is of particular benefit to my condition. It sinks in easily, and is rich enough to keep my skin moisturised for hours at a time without leaving greasy finger-marks."

Maria Rogers, Cheshire