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About Us

Established in 2016, The Naked Pharmacy is Europe's first 100% natural-only pharmacy dedicated to evidence-based, high potency and full spectrum supplements derived from foods. We believe that great health is a gift and that we all have the right to make our own choices based on clear, honest and transparent information about the efficacy of conventional and natural treatments available. 

In the beginning

The founder of The Naked Pharmacy, Kevin Leivers, believes that natural solutions can make a real, tangible difference to peoples lives. Kevin embarked on a career in medicine at Boots Research in the UK working with the inspiring team of chemists that discovered Ibuprofen. This initiated a journey of discovery in which he studied Pharmacy at Bath University, gained experience in hospital, community and industrial pharmacy, followed by 11 years as the chief pharmacist for the Swiss herbal company Weleda.

“Experience has shown me that we are missing primary drivers in health and disease and that synthetic medicines can have an unwanted blocking effect on the body’s natural pathways whereas natural remedies facilitate the pathways to work more efficiently”

When Kevin looked into the natural supplement market, he discovered that many of the products available don’t contain the amount of active ingredients proven by research to be effective. So, he set about creating a range of supplements containing the sufficiently evidenced dose of the active ingredients to match those recommended in the clinical research.

And so the Naked Pharmacy was born.


Food as medicine

We believe the targeted use of food in high concentrations will help you stay fit and healthy or to resolve illness naturally, and without side effects. 

We want to share our passion for natural approaches to health and food for wellness. By using a range of unique, high-quality ingredients at effective strengths, The Naked Pharmacy has developed a natural and effective range of supplements.

We know that illnesses have a myriad of causes such as psychological, social, diet and fitness. At higher strengths, and using modern research, some foods (Nutriceuticals) can help prevent and relieve illness effectively. These Nutriceuticals can be integrated safely with conventional medicines.

For instance, our unique high potency bergamot supplement, Bergatone Plus for cholesterol and weight management can be taken safely alongside the commonly prescribed statin Rosuvastatin.

Reference: International Journal of Cardiology December 10, 2013 Volume 170, Issue 2, Pages 140–145


 Our Promise to you…

  • Effective dose  The correct level of active ingredients (high potency) for them to be effective
  • Full spectrum   The full range of active ingredients rather than a single isolated active – for example in our turmeric supplement, Natruflex, we have 15 curcuminoids vs 1 curcumin combined with Black Pepper to aid absorption
  • Evidence based All based on independent clinical research and tested on humans
  • 100% Natural   Pure, natural, food extracts, free from side-effects
  • Versatility  Capsuled products can be opened and mixed into food such as yogurt or lattes
  • Customer support from our Pharmacists   Professional, honest and transparent advice from the team of pharmacists on the safe and effective natural solutions.
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices    Fairtrade, organic, ethically sourced and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We are introducing 100% biodegradable refill pouches for our products and are actively exploring other initiatives to be genuinely more sustainable in how we do business
  • Local    Produced in Sussex, UK.


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