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Weleda Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray - stiff muscles, sports injuries UK/EU ONLY

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Arnica montana is an unassuming plant, but it’s been traditionally used as one of the body’s greatest little helpers. With natural warming, soothing and stimulating properties, this handy herbal spray relaxes sore and stiff muscles and encourages healing. Spray on as soon as possible after injury, to help prevent bruises forming. Also relieves injury and trauma to muscles, whether from sport, the garden, or accidental knocks.

The Naked Pharmacy Quality

  • From Weleda who have been developing medicines and natural cosmetic products since 1921.
  • From quality ingredients; from the selection of raw materials to the holistic product. • Checked and processed in compliance with Weleda's high quality requirements. 
  • Non-irradiated. 
  • Well tolerated in clinical testing (no recorded side effects)
  • Suitable for vegans

    How do I use Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray?

    For external use only. Spray one or two metered doses onto affected area up to four times a day and allow to dry. Can also be used on a cold compress.

    Are there side effects to using Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray?

    No significant side-effects have been recorded from taking this Weleda Arnica Massage Balm. If you experience any unusual symptoms after taking this product please contact us at

    Active ingredients: 1g of spray contains: 0.1g of tincture from Arnica (equivalent to 0.05g Arnica Montana L. fresh whole plant). Extraction solvent: Ethanol 61% v/v. Also contains Ethanol and Water.

    Product Key

     Gluten Free

    Suitable for vegetarians

     Good manufacturing practice

     Tested on humans not animals

     Quality assured


    Evidence based rating

    Weleda Arnica Bumps & Bruises Spray - stiff muscles, sports injuries - The Naked Pharmacy