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Weleda Copper Ointment - for Muscle Discomfort and Cramp UK/EU ONLY

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How Can Copper Ointment Benefit You?

Do you suffer from painful, cramping muscles?
Are you suffering from a sporting injury?
Do you suffer from painful and aching muscles?

Problems with circulation in the hands and feet?
Do you often have cold extremities in the winter months?

Yes? Then Weleda Copper Ointment is ideal for you.

What is in Copper Ointment?

Copper ointment is a safe and effective natural treatment, containing a unique, copper preparation that has been activated at high temperatures under vacuum.

What makes Copper Ointment effective?

This is another hidden gem from Weleda because it is the only product we know that uses this unique form of copper at such a high strength. Squeeze the tube and you will immediacy see the intense bronze colour of copper in this product.

What are the active components?

100g of ointment contains 0.4g of copper metal preparation in a traditional yellow soft paraffin base.


When and how should I use Copper Ointment?

Apply to the effected areas and massage into the skin twice a day and as required for relief of painful, cold or cramping muscles. 

How will I know that the copper ointment will be effective?

The Naked Pharmacy only purchases the best quality products that uses the highest quality of active components. These unique high concentrations of a unique copper preparation ensure the efficacy of Copper Ointment.

Can I use Copper Ointment if I am a vegan or vegetarian?

Yes. Copper Ointment contains no meat or fish products and is suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Are there side-effects when taking Copper Ointment?

There have been no significant reports when taking Copper Ointment. There have been a few rare cases of red or itchy skin as the copper increases the warmth and circulation on the skin and muscles, however, this usually settles within a couple of days. 

If you experience any problems please email


100g contains: Cuprum metallicum praeparatum (sublimed Copper metal) 0.4g in a base containing Liquid Paraffin and Yellow Soft Paraffin


Product Key

 Gluten Free

Suitable for vegetarians

 Good manufacturing practice

 Tested on humans not animals

 Quality assured

  Evidence base rating 




Weleda Copper Ointment - for Muscle Discomfort and Cramp - The Naked Pharmacy