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Weleda Rhus Tox. Ointment - for relief of rheumatism - UK/EU ONLY

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Weleda Rhus Tox. Ointment is an ointment for relief of symptoms of rheumatism, recommended where there is muscular stiffness.

The Naked Pharmacy Quality 

Rhus Tox. Ointment is:  

  • From Weleda who have been developing medicines and natural cosmetic products since 1921.
  • From quality ingredients; from the selection of raw materials to the holistic product. 
  • Checked and processed in compliance with Weleda's high quality requirements. 
  • Well tolerated in clinical testing 
  • Suitable for vegans

    How do I use Rhus Tox. Ointment?
    ADULTS: Apply to the affected part as required, or use as directed.

    Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Store below 30° C

    100g contains: Rhus toxicodendron tincture (1=2) 10ml in a base containing Wool alcohols, Yellow Beeswax, Anhydrous Lanolin (Wool fat), Olive Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. Nominal ethanol content 3.6% w/w

    Product Key

     Gluten Free

    Suitable for vegetarians

     Good manufacturing practice

     Tested on humans not animals

     Quality assured


     Evidence based rating


    Weleda Rhus Tox.  Ointment - for relief of rheumatism - EU ONLY - The Naked Pharmacy