Why do we need supplements?  

Here at The Naked Pharmacy, we always support a food-first approach. However, research has shown that even following a healthy, organic and balanced diet may not be enough to get all the nutrients our bodies need to function. This is simply because our food contains fewer nutrients today - up to 38% lower when compared to the 1950’s. This is due to declining soil conditions, increased food processing practices and climate change. The UN has reported that over 40% of the world’s soil is degraded leading to less fertile soil.

A study has highlighted that the average magnesium content in our fruits and vegetables has declined by 24%. It is, therefore, no surprise that many of us are nutrient deficient. These nutrient deficiencies can manifest themselves as symptoms of tiredness, fatigue, brain fog, a weakened immune system and even impact our metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Our bodies do not produce all the nutrients that we need and if we are not getting adequate quantities from our diet, many of us turn to supplements to help bridge the gap.

In Britain, we spend almost £500 million a year on vitamins and supplements* but have you stopped to consider what is actually in these supplements?

As a nation, we are all getting better at checking what’s in the food that we eat but do we extend the same due diligence to our supplements?


Natural vs synthetic supplements

You are what you eat – this applies to supplements too! There is a vast difference between natural, food-sourced supplements and synthetic supplements. Synthetic supplements often lack the purity, efficacy and full nutrient profile found in truly natural supplements.

Synthetic vs Natural supplements

Where do the nutrients come from?

Synthetic supplements are manufactured via industrial processes that utilise petrochemical solvents such as ammonia, chloroacetic acid and acetone in an attempt to replicate the nutrients that exist in nature. These chemical solvents cannot be completely removed, and the end product is prone to containing impurities which can accumulate within our bodies over time leading to unwanted side effects and in some cases, health concerns.

Natural supplements are made using nutrients sourced from food sources such as plants, fruit and vegetables. They are dried and concentrated and their nutrients are extracted to form a nutritional supplement. In this way, the bioactive compounds remain in their natural form at high concentrations.

The Naked Pharmacy Natural Supplements

Nutrient profile

Natural supplements harness the full nutrient profile found in whole foods and botanical sources. They provide a broader range of nutrients than just an isolated vitamin or mineral as often found in synthetic supplements.

Bioactive compounds exist naturally in botanicals and include polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These compounds work synergistically to enhance the bioavailability of naturally occurring nutrients by enhancing absorption by the body and minimising the risk of side effects. 

In comparison, synthetic supplements often fall short in capturing the full spectrum of compounds present in nature. They are not recognised by our bodies in the same way. This inevitably leads to reduced absorption rates and bioavailability, potentially making them ineffective at achieving the desired health outcome. 


Next time you’re looking at your supplement bottle, take a minute to have a read of the ingredient list – do you recognise all the ingredients listed? Or worse still, can you pronounce the name? Synthetic supplements are full of unnecessary bulking agents, preservatives, and additives.

In comparison, all of The Naked Pharmacy supplements contain only natural, food-sourced ingredients and are free from unnecessary additives. Even our capsule shells are made of tapioca – derived from the cassava plant. 

Supplement powder


The potential for long-term risks to health and the environment far outweighs any health benefits or cost savings associated with consuming synthetic vitamins.

These supplements often contain very high amounts of nutrients to make up for the body's inability to absorb them; these high dosages could lead to health issues due to overdosing.


We specialise in creating natural remedies, using premium grade food-sourced ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. Each of our ingredients is thoroughly researched and tested to ensure our supplements contain the correct strength and quantity of bioactives proven to have a health benefit.

We use data from published human clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy whilst adhering to pharmaceutical standards. Each batch of our supplements is quality tested by our team of pharmacists to ensure you receive high quality, evidence based and pure supplements.

What is the Nutritional Reference Value?

The Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) is the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals that the average adult needs to prevent deficiency. The NRV is set for 13 vitamins and 14 minerals. Supplement usually display the NRV as a percentage so we can quickly determine how much of the nutrient we are getting per dose.

Most vitamin C in supplements on the market are synthetic, and as such are listed as ascorbic acid on the label. Vitamin C in a natural supplement will be listed in the supplement ingredient list purely as vitamin C and often the source will be identified. For example, our Immune Hero supplement contains vitamin C sourced from the amla berry.

The dose of vitamin C in synthetic supplements is also exceptionally high, often 1000% of the NRV. This excessive dose also helps identify it as synthetic as it’s almost difficult to get much more than 100 mg of vitamin C from food into a tablet or capsule. The NRV for vitamin C is 80mg for adults – this is what our body’s daily need. So, ask yourself, why would you need to take a supplement containing 1000mg as is often found in synthetic supplements?

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We endeavour to bring to you the purest natural supplements with strength, purity and science are at the heart of our business.

Our ethos is to use only the highest quality ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably to bring you our naturally intelligent supplements. Our range of supplements is much more than just a list of vitamins and minerals. They contain an orchestra of compounds found in nature to bring you supplements that will enhance your health in a way intended by nature – through food. 

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Dimple Varu

Dimple is a pharmacist with 12 years of experience working in retail and general practice and now specialises in providing education and advice on natural supplements.

She believes in the power of nature and using natural existing compounds to enhance our health, whether that’s treating pain or helping to prevent long-term conditions. Mum of 1, living a busy life, loves reading and baking when she has the time.