Meet The Naked Pharmacy Team

We are a close-knit, family-orientated team, and as valued members of our "NAKED" community, we think it's time you got to know us a little better!

Over the next few months we will be introducing all our team members, who will be telling us a little bit more about themselves and showcasing their favourite TNP supplements. First up, Carly.

Carly: Commercial and Brand Lead

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Mum to three girls under 8 (two identical), that keep me on my toes, and an old Labrador called Monty, who is the most patient and loyal friend.
I love being outside, (especially being near the sea having grown up on the Isle of Wight), try to keep as active as possible through running, and am a wannabe interior designer – (which has led to some questionable scatter cushion choices), have terrible taste in music, but ultimately really just live trying to get through each day having remembered the various school projects, lunch box menus & pick up times.
Oh – and family and friends, they’re everything.


What is your role at The Naked Pharmacy?

I started at The Naked Pharmacy in 2022, in an admin role, after taking a career break to look after the girls. As the company has developed I migrated to my current role: Commercial and Brand Lead.
Working across all areas of the business has given me an understanding and appreciation of the importance that each department and person plays.
As brand lead, I ensure we remain innovative, brave, and forward-thinking in our approach but ultimately, we stay true to our values with people at the centre of everything we do.
We are a collaborative, small-but-mighty team, all working extremely hard - but it’s a joy to come to work every day.


What supplements do you take and why?

Marine Magnesium – this is my favourite supplement, an unsung hero in our range. I’ve always struggled with sleep, (maybe something to do with at one point having three under 18 months – yikes) but taking one capsule about an hour before I go to sleep really helps improve my sleep patterns. Lately, I’ve had to up my running mileage and rely on this supplement to help my muscle recovery.

Marine Magnesium with Prebiotic | Magnesium SupplementMarine Magnesium with Prebiotic | Magnesium Supplement

Top Tip: Start with one capsule daily and build up.


Saffrosun Calm – comes everywhere with me! I couldn’t be without this supplement.

Firstly, it’s important to recognise, that anxiety can affect anyone, for absolutely no reason. Sometimes, as in my case, anxiety can be triggered by a traumatic event, but that isn’t always the case. I am very aware that I am one of the lucky ones. Please, if you are worried or concerned about your mental health after experiencing anxious feelings, please do reach out – there are always options for you.

In 2017, shortly after they arrived, one of my twins was really poorly, which resulted in a traumatic few weeks in NICU. Thankfully, it all worked out, (she’s now a very active and spirited 7-year-old) – but the experience left me with quite significant PTSD, presenting as anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobic feelings. After trying various medications to ease these symptoms, I tried a natural option in Saffrosun Calm – which really does take the edge off for me, and is my now go-to, if I feel an episode creeping in.

I don’t feel I need these daily, but they work wonders when I feel my anxiety/panic creeping in (which is often at inappropriate, un-predictable times), which is why these really are my safety net. Speak with our pharmacists about how this supplement can be taken based on your personal anxiety experiences and current medication or therapy plan.

Top Tip: When it comes to managing anxiety, it really is unique to everyone. It’s about finding your unique path to a healthy way of life.

Saffrosun® Calm | Saffron Supplements


Natruflex Turmeric has really helped to ease my aches and pains throughout my last few weeks of training for the London Marathon.

Dimple (our wonderful Pharmacy Lead) advised that I try taking Natruflex, twice a day, to help with the inflammation, and this has seemed to really ease the knee pain – I will continue to take this for the next few weeks and for post-marathon recovery, I’m pleased that it’s having a positive impact.
Natruflex® Turmeric Supplement | Muscle & Joint Support
Top Tip:You can open up the capsules and mix with a food containing healthy fats like yoghurt (not fat-free!)
Immune Hero for Children thank goodness it’s feeling more like Spring! These have been a standard addition at mealtimes in my household. These little Vitamin C and Zinc capsules have worked wonders in helping the girls fend off and fight the dreaded (endless) winter bugs.
Immune Hero - Boost Children's Immune System
Top Tip: For younger children try twisting open the capsules and adding the contents to bolognese sauce, pesto etc.