I graduated from Kings College London and have worked as a pharmacist for 6 years, in both traditional community pharmacy and for NHS 111.

I enjoy being active for my health and well-being but mainly to get that serotonin boost and try to achieve a crazy goal each year.

I have run the Brighton Marathon, and Wimbledon Half Marathon, cycled 420 miles from Southwest London to Land’s End in Cornwall over 5 days and scuba dived into WW2 wrecks in the Philippines.

2025’s adventure is set! I will be cycling the NC500 with my equally bonkers friends. The NC500 is a 500-mile route along the stunning north coast of Scotland – there are hills, many, many hills. My family and partner think I am crazy, but they are always incredibly supportive!

Charlotte Lennox Parker

What is your role at The Naked Pharmacy? 

I had been working part-time at The Naked Pharmacy before I joined the team full-time this month!

Talking to customers each day has made me realise that many people want to know how to take ownership of their health and well-being.

My role is to advise our lovely customers on how to take our supplements alongside prescribed medications and make recommendations based on concerns raised. I also support the team with formulations, production and the quality control of supplements and also help educate our growing community through our newsletters and blogs.

The Naked Pharmacy truly has you at the forefront of everything they do. It allows me as a Healthcare Professional to help people holistically with a people-centred approach that I am extremely passionate about.

Hand with supplements

What supplements do I take and why? 

Gut Love – I cannot recommend this enough! I take Gut Love not only to improve my gut health but for skin health as well.  I have noticed an enormous difference in my skin especially when it comes to breakouts. I have more of a glow and clearer skin. My gut health is better, I am less bloated and far more energised, another surprising effect of improved gut health.

Top tip: If you are taking or have recently taken antibiotics I would recommend taking Gut Love. If you are taking antibiotics I recommend taking Gut Love at a different time to your antibiotic. For example, 2hrs after your antibiotic to avoid the antibiotic killing the good bacteria in Gut Love.

Natruflex Turmeric – As you know from my above escapades, I can get quite inflamed due to training. I have found Natruflex Turmeric really helps with my recovery due to the combination of turmeric and magnesium. I have experienced less delayed onset muscle soreness whilst taking it.

Top tip! To optimise your recovery, try taking TWO capsules the evening before a demanding workout, ONE capsule before your workout and then ONE capsule after your workout.

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