Natural Solutions for
the Menopause

Only 14% of women are on HRT so what about the other 86%?

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Here at The Naked Pharmacy, we understand that going through the menopause, is a deeply personal transition and that every woman will need to navigate their own journey.

The NHS lists over 45 symptoms, all of which can cause a complex mix of both physical and mental feelings, each presenting themselves in a unique and unannounced fashion.

We believe that each woman’s unique journey should be treated as such.

This is why our promise to you as a woman, is to listen to your individual experience and support you, your journey - your choice.

As seen in

"The changes, the highs and lows and the hormonal shifts, there is power in that. But we were taught to be ashamed of it and to not even seek to understand it or explore it for our own edification, let alone to help the next generation.”

— Michelle Obama —

When nothing goes right…go left!

We recognise that sadly, there is no quick fix, and that what works for some of us, won’t work for others.

Not everyone is able to have Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and equally, underlying issues may mean that you can’t take HRT or that some of your most debilitating symptoms may not be addressed. At The Naked Pharmacy we believe in choice - so our menopause solutions are effective options for perimenopause, surgically induced menopause and menopause symptoms that can be safely taken alongside HRT if required.

With GP and Pharmacist appointments becoming increasingly difficult to book and then time limited, we want to reassure you that we’re here to help and always have time for you.

Our Pharmacists want to hear your story, know what you’ve done so far to alleviate your symptoms, what’s worked, what’s not worked – and discover how we can work alongside you to empower you with an alternative option, that might just be that missing thread in your menopausal web!

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Why Choose Naked?

Not all supplements are the same in the way they are sourced, manufactured, tested and packaged.

We suggest consumers should ask suppliers where the ingredients are sourced from and how they are manufactured.

Synthetic vs Natural Ingredients

Synthetic vitamins are usually made artificially from chemicals within a laboratory or factory, using solvent extraction. These synthetics then end up circulating in your body.

Natural vitamins are sourced from whole food such as algae, fruit or vegetables. They are dried, concentrated and their nutrients are extracted (generally with water or alcohol) to form a nutritional supplement. In this way, the beneficial compounds remain in their natural form, just as you would find them in your food but at much higher concentrations.

Studies have shown that naturally sourced minerals have a higher bioavailability than synthetic alternatives because they are absorbed more efficiently. They also have less side effects than synthetic supplements.

The Naked Pharmacy always includes organic prebiotics within all its vitamin and mineral formulations, to ensure they are absorbed by the gut.

So why does this matter, because many women experience increased sensitivity to foods, cosmetics and ingredients during the stages of perimenopause and menopause - things that we happily ate or put on our skin all of sudden cause a reaction or embarassing consequences.

"“So many women I’ve talked to see menopause as an ending. But I’ve discovered, this it is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else.”

— Oprah Winfrey —

Just a few of the symptoms our products may help with...

Mood Changes
Hot Flushes
Reduced Sex Drive

Mood Changes
Hot Flushes
Reduced Sex Drive
Brain Fog

Hot Flushes
Brain Fog
Night Sweats
Heart Palpitations

Brain Fog
Digestive Issues
Skin Issues

Weight Issues
Reduces Sugar Cravings
Improves Metabolism

Headaches, Migraines
Muscle stiffness
Skin Issues

Please note: some of the product images shown depict our new packaging. You may receive our previous packaging until we have used up our current stock.

What does the evidence say?

A study involving 82 women reviewed the effect of saffron extract on perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. They found that supplementing with saffron extract for 12 weeks reduced anxiety scores by 33% and depression scores by 32%.

Susannah Constantine says:

“ Two years ago I was experiencing what every other woman my age faces - hot sweats, aches, restless legs, poor sleep and lack of focus - and was struggling to find any effective solutions. I have never been a fan of pills and will avoid synthetic drugs where possible so was reluctant to find the answers there. I felt like there must be a better solution but didn’t know where to look.A friend recommended two natural remedies Saffrosun and Marine Magnesium made by The Naked Pharmacy. I was genuinely surprised to find that after a few nights, my sleep had improved dramatically. I felt calmer and my mood was more balanced than it had been in a long while.

After a few months of using these remedies, I went to meet their Chief Pharmacist Kevin Leivers and his team. Kevin’s background is in mainstream pharmacy and he’s taken what he learned in this environment and adapted it to an industry he feels passionately about.

Their ethos is to only produce remedies based on Kevin’s pharmaceutical training and core beliefs rather than commercial trends and this really struck a chord with me.I think it’s easy to get lost trying to navigate the world of natural supplements and so I love the fact that there is a scientist I can trust at the helm of this company.”

Why The Naked Pharmacy?

100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients.

Vegan friendly & Gluten free.

Highest potency ingredients sourced from around the world.

Every batch quality tested by pharmacists.

Sustainable production.

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