Olive Leaf

The Immune System Solution

Olive leaf extract has been used to treat inflammation and infection for centuries. Packed with high levels of change to the plant phytochemical Oleuropein, olive leaf is known for its immune-boosting benefits. We use pharmaceutical technology to increase the strength of the natural component ELA in order to strengthen the immune system effects of this remedy.

The Science Bit

When olive leaf is grown in warm climates — classically mediterranean — it has been shown to contain unusually high active oleuropein levels which are then converted to a high concentration of the bioactive Elenolic acid (ELA).

Our Olive Leaf supplement is the UK’s only ELA supplement that’s made using a patented natural process. Each capsule provides an effective add pharmaceutical strength ELA strength supplement.

Read more about the research supporting the use of Olive Leaf for immune protection.

Health Benefits

Olive leaf extract with organic moringa prebiotic, strengthens your immune system. Our Olive leaf supplement can:

  • Support your immune system
  • Help protect your immune system from seasonal challenges
  • Be taken safely alongside antibiotics
  • Provides protection against ear nose and throat infections

Olive Leaf Products

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