Our medical advisory board are innovators in their fields of medicine, clinical practice and pharmacy. We recognise the importance of utilising up-to date science, clinical practice and advice, because we never compromise on quality and the highest pharmaceutical standards.
Our customers deserve the best Naturally Intelligent Supplements and herbal medicines supported by gold standard science.

Dr Dorian Dugmore

A former professional footballer and coach internationally. He broke both thighs as a child age 9 and yet played for his country at 16.

Misdiagnosed with a heart problem in his early 20's, Dorian made a commitment to help people with the health of their hearts because of this.

He has a Ph.D. in cardiovascular medicine and formed Action Heart in the UK for heart patients, directed the world's best centre for heart disease recovery in Toronto, Canada becoming Chairman of the World Council for cardiac rehabilitation.

Dorian built the famous corporate wellness programme for Adidas, winning world best practice awards.

Dorian is currently a consultant responsible for cardio-respiratory testing to a clinical wellness centre in Mayfair, London.

Formerly a director and now a consultant to the LMA (Football League Manager's Association) and a consultant to the European Nucleus on sport cardiology.

Dorian has guided many companies to build award winning wellness programmes. He has a passion for helping people look after their hearts. Dorian has presented to groups right across the world in Europe, Australia, USA, South America, Africa, Middle East, Canada, South America, NZ, Malta, Japan and Singapore.

Dr Olivia Lesslar

Dr Olivia works with innovative clinics and organisations worldwide. The major cities she works in are LA, London and Sydney. Her coordinating clinic is Cingulum Health - a neuro centre founded by renowned neurosurgeon Professor Charles Teo.

She curates personalised programs of synergistic adjuncts for neuroplasticity including transcranial magnetic stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen, photobiomodulation, PEMF,
breathwork, physical rehab, dietary experiments with the gut-brain axis sin mind eg: keto, paleo and AP, supplements, and nootropic peptides.

Dr Olivia is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with The National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases, a world-class research facility focusing on mechanisms of ME/CFS and long covid. She splits her residency between London and the Gold Coast (Australia), and attends at least 20 conferences a year to keep abreast with advancements in medical theory and interventions.

BsC Hons Pharmacy, DipClinPharm, BsC Hons Herbal Medicine

Mr lan Jackson

lan Jackson has extensive knowledge of both conventional and natural medicine. He has worked in many pharmacy environments e.g., retail, primary-care, NHS, industry, and academia both in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. He was secretary and chairman of the District Branch of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

lan was the prescribing advisor for 40 NHS practices at Lincoln South and South Holland Primary Care Groups and then consultant to hundreds of dispensing practices across the UK. lan then undertook a full time training course for pharmacists in natural medicine at Weleda (UK) and became a clinical pharmacist for the company.

Whilst working as a practice pharmacist in several practices in the East Midlands he completed a degree in herbal medicine at Lincoln University. Ian was a senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln School of Pharmacy where he taught clinical pharmacy to undergraduate pharmacy students and therapeutics to healthcare professionals who wish to become independent prescribers.

He helped train over 500 healthcare professionals to become independent prescribers. He was a full time senior lecturer in clinical pharmacology for the Lincoln and Nottingham University Medical Schools. As well as delivering the core academic teaching, he developed an Advanced Medical Module on Natural Medicines for medical students which was validated by Nottingham Medical School. He received the Vice Chancellor's Award for his teaching.