Men's Health

Male physiology and psychology is unique. Whilst there are similarities in the nutritional, sleep and exercise requirements compared to women the balance of each system is very different.

• The predominant hormone in men is testosterone but they also produce small amounts of oestrogen and progesterone

• Oestrogen and progesterone and higher in women but they also product low levels of testosterone

• Mens blood contains significantly higher levels of haemoglobin along with higher muscle mass

Research has proven that the daily intake of high strength plant chemicals called polyphenols and flavonoids can significantly improve physiological and psychological performance and health outcomes.
The Naked Pharmacy utilises traditional farming and pharmaceutical science to concentrate these plant chemicals to the effective daily dose in each plant based health solution

But supplying your body with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients can be difficult to achieve through diet alone, especially if you are training or have specific health issues you are managing.

Natural solutions for Men's health

Natural supplements can help solve men's health problems and improve overall fitness and vitality, helping you feel better than ever.

Joints & Muscles: Natruflex

Sporting injuries, or even just the natural ageing process, can really take a toll on our joints and muscles.

Natural remedies can soothe muscle and connective tissue problems, working quickly to fix the underlying issue.

Natruflex contains a blend of very high strength, pharmaceutical quality turmeric, black pepper and magnesium, which work to actively support nerve and muscle function. These effective supplements have also been shown to improve skin and digestive problems.

Cholesterol and liver fat balance: Metabolic Gold

If you practise a healthy lifestyle but are still struggling with cholesterol, belly fat or circulation, Metabolic Gold is the natural solution you're searching for.

The secret lies in the high-strength, pharmaceutical quality bergamot fruit extract, which is clinically proven to improve your cholesterol levels. The result is a healthier body and cardiovascular system without the need for artificial chemicals and additives.

High strength Bergamot supplements are used by several professional athletes to improve their cardio performance, including the Juventus football team.

Nervous system and mood balance: Saffrosun

Saffrosun contains pharmaceutical quality saffron; a warming spice that has anti-inflammatory properties formulated by pharmacists to calm the nervous system, improve sleep and balance the mood.

These capsules can be taken without any known side effects and contain vitamins D3 and B12 which help maintain change normal psychological function to
healthy nervous system function. They also promote better quality sleep, which will leave you feeling happier, calmer, more energised and refreshed.

Strong scientific evidence shows that saffron works in the gut, to help with issues such as nervousness, panic attacks, irritable or low mood and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Saffrosun is the only saffron product available that contains the effective strength of the three saffron bioactives proven in clinical studies. We’ve also added vitamin B12 and the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.

Explore our research on saffron here that highlights why it is such an effective natural health solution when formulated at this pharmaceutical strength.

Prostate Complaints: A.Vogel Prostasan

An enlarged prostate is a common men's health complaint that can be effectively treated with herbal remedies.

A.Vogel Prostasan capsules contain extracts of Saw Palmetto berries, which can help to relieve the inconvenient urinary symptoms associated with having Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, including difficulty urinating and incontinence.

These licensed herbal medicines are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and have also been ethically tested.

Plant Polyphenol Performance

Natruflex Turmeric improves recovery from injury whilst Black Garlic helps relax the blood vessels and improve flow

Gut Health & Happy

Chronic inflammation of the gut lining is responsible for many unhealthy mental and physical health conditions

Proven Quality & Strength

Metabolic Gold contains proven strength bergamot polyphenols which remove bad fats from in and around the liver

Pure Plant Power

Daily intake of high strength plant polyphenols from botanicals such as bergamot and saffron are game-changers for mens health

Why The Naked Pharmacy?

100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients

Vegan friendly & Gluten free

Highest potency ingredients sourced from around the world

Every batch quality tested by pharmacists

Sustainable production

Our Customers Love Us

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What does free from synthetic mean?

We have absolutely no synthetic additives in our products. Our supplements are 100% powered by foods plants.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

The benefits of these remedies are felt very quickly, generally within 5 days because the added prebiotic / high strength piperine enhances absorption in the gut with the exception of Bergatone where significant cholesterol lowering is within 4 months.

Why are natural products better for you?

The Naked Pharmacy food supplements are 100% active ingredients and do not contain any non-nutritive substances, for example; fillers, flow agents, bulking agents, artificial colours and flavours.