I suffered a viral attack on my heart in May 2014 called Myocarditis. After a week in hospital, many drugs, MRI etc. I was told that the virus had not damaged the heart but I was left with inflammation around the muscle of the heart.

I was prescribed to take 4 ibuprofen tablets 3 times a day, 2 paracetamol 3 times a day and gout tablet. I was advised to continue to take the tablets until I felt well enough to stop taking them. The cardiologist gave me the impression I would recover quickly.

The viral attack leaves inflammation around the heart, which leaves you unable to take part in any sports activities. It reduces you to a very slow pace of walking and gives you a constant aching pain in the chest. It often gives you a burning sensation as if stoked through the chest and out of your back. The lack of physical activity and ability is quite shocking.

In September 2014, on a follow-up appointment, I was no further forward with no improvement to my health and I was dependant on the over the counter tablets and gout tablet to relieve the constant aches and pains. The cardiologist was surprised I was not any better and after a second MRI the results concluded that I had made little improvement and recommended doubling the recommended daily dosage!

He suggested a 10x dosage of Anadin 3 times a day as he was at a loss as what else he could suggest to improve my situation. 

I only managed to take two of these tablets as it increased the pain tenfold. So I just continued with the previous tablets. 

February 2016 I decided that I should not continue to take the high dosage of ibuprofen and that I should try to reduce the amount I was taking. This presented a problem as I was now dependant on them as I soon found out. Out of the 12 ibuprofen a day I was taking, I tried to drop just one tablet a day per week. I would get so low from this and it would create, what some would call a cotton wool head, struggling to think properly and have negative thoughts.

I had become addicted to the ibuprofen. It would take about 2 weeks for me to feel normal again and I began to dread dropping another tablet, as I knew what I would have to go through. It was at this point that I decided to try alternative therapies.

I saw an acupuncturist and she said that my body was full of inflammation. She recommended a Paleo diet to reduce the inflammation. She also put me in touch with Kevin from The Naked Pharmacy.

When I contacted Kevin at the Naked Pharmacy, he could not have been more helpful. We had a half hour telephone consultation where I was able to tell him all about my case. Kevin recommended I take his supplements for two weeks. After the two weeks period I was able to stop all over the counter and prescription drugs in one go with no withdrawal side effects. This really did prove to me that the supplements worked.

A year later I have now been able to take up jogging again and can do most types of physical exercise. I very rarely have pain (only when I forget to take the naked pharmacy tablets!) My mental health has greatly improved and on the whole I feel back to normal.

What is so wonderful about the naked pharmacy products is that they work and they have no side effects. These tablets really have changed my life. I have also recommended Saffrosun to friends who now also swear by them. In one case, her partner had bi-polar tendencies but refused to go on any medication. He is now taking Saffrosun and she has really noticed a difference in him. The Naked Pharmacy products really do work.”


Whilst The Naked Pharmacy do not advise you use our products in place of recommended medical advice, we aim to educate about the benefits of natural alternatives and to provide effective, proven products and free advice to suit each individual customer.

If you have any questions please do contact us and have a chat our number is 01483 685 630 or email us at care@thenakedpharmacy.com