Our story

Why our founder Kevin Leviers established The Naked Pharmacy.

The Naked Pharmacy Founder and Chief Formulator

Kevin Leivers, B.Pharm (Hons); M.R.Pharm.S

I founded The Naked Pharmacy in 2016 after a 35 year career in both conventional and natural pharmaceutical industries.

I realised that so many of us are interested in natural health solutions, but are overwhelmed by the conflicting information in the public domain.

So I created The Naked Pharmacy with Strength, Purity and Evidence being at the heart of our products and our business. We also uniquely support our products and your health by providing you with access to a pharmacist by phone, email, and social media.

'When it comes to health, everyone deserves the best of both worlds. We can all improve and protect our health with natural solutions, proven by science.'

Rethinking The Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy connects customers to Pharmacists, to offer natural health solutions based on your personal story. Don't get us wrong – we're not against conventional medicines or synthetic supplements. We'll provide free advice on taking supplements alongside your prescriptions. However, our philosophy is to ask the question - can natural remedies and supplements do a better job, in harmony with nature and your body?

It’s your health journey. Our team of registered Pharmacists are always here to offer support and expert advice to help you transform your health.

Our Pharmacists have over 100 years of combined experience

The Pharmacy team are each multi-disciplined which means that as a customer you will be able to mine their knowledge to empower your health decisions.

The team carry out regular quality checks on all growing, manufacturing and testing sites to ensure that every batch of our product meets the required standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

Nature: Where It All Begins

Modern science has evolved hugely over the last 40 years allowing us to formulate supplements and natural health solutions to the same exacting standards that you would expect with conventional medications.

We believe a holistic approach, using natural plant-powered remedies is the key to great health and wellbeing.

However, our motivation extends beyond the human. Everything we do as a business is also focussed on keeping the Natural world healthy so our respect for Nature extends to:

Research - we only test products on humans, never animals.

Formulations - 100% plant sourced, 0% synthetics. Our capsule shells are tapioca.

Manufacturing - Only using 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients with no chemical processes.

Packaging - 100% biodegradable, recycled packaging for our bottles, metal lids, paper pouches including the tape we use to seal our despatch boxes.

Our Standards

Our pharmacists combine the science of nature with pharmaceutical technology .
Free Pharmacists advice
• Quality assured by pharmacists
• Strength proven by science
• Full range of plant phytochemicals
• 100% Plant derived
• 0% synthetics

The Naked Pharmacy remedies are stronger by nature because:

Our pharmacists formulate natural solutions proven to work by science but we also combine pharmaceutical technology with the science of nature itself. This means that we select growing regions generating the highest levels of naturally active chemicals and then use technology to extract the full range of these phytochemicals not just one (such as curcumin in other turmeric supplements). We create a multi-cascading effect from each remedy because this produces a safer and more effective health solution.


Proven by science

Everything we produce is founded in science. It's our guarantee to you.

When leading Pharmacist Kevin Leivers founded The Naked Pharmacy in 2016, he saw that although conventional medicine is essential for seriously ill patients, it was not always the best and only option for patients in the wider community.

“I learnt that many of the natural supplements available didn’t contain the necessary amount of active ingredients, proven by research to be effective. So, I decided to formulate a range of supplements. I created The Naked Pharmacy so that people could take a nutritional supplement, safe in the knowledge that it was formulated, tested and manufactured to the same standards as a pharmaceutical product.

You’ll benefit from our supplements because, through clinical testing, we’ve identified the exact amount of active required in each capsule. We test every single batch using pharmaceutical industry standard procedures, to ensure the quality is always optimised.”

– Kevin Leivers M.R.Pharm.S., Founder & CEO