We’re On A Journey To Sustainability...

And There Is Always More Work To Be Done!

As a team, the staff here at The Naked Pharmacy share a common passion; to ensure that we continue to make improvements to our business, that in-turn have a big impact on the environment. Nature is our constant inspiration. After all, it is Mother Nature that provides us with the incredible food and botanical ingredients that we use to formulate our natural supplements.

We know that there is lots of work to be done, but we are determined as a business to continue to develop and and make positive changes for the environment and for a brighter future.

Our Packaging Evolution

Since we were first established, our product packaging has undergone quite a transformation! Even if you have been part of The Naked Pharmacy community for quite some time, what you may not know is that when we first launched our supplements, they were in blue plastic bottles! Since then we have evolved from the plastic bottles to recyclable Kraft pouches.<br><br>

Fast forward to 2023, as we to continue on our mission to be more environmentally friendly, our packaging has once again evolved and we are proud to be launching our new, fully compostable pouches. However, we don’t believe in waste, so you will continue to receive our existing packaging on some lines for a while, until we have used all that we have.<br><br>

Once complete, this will mean over 50% of our products are in packaging that can be disposed of in your food bin! Those products that are in glass bottles (for stability) are, of course, fully recyclable.<br><br>

We are really proud of this development, and we hope you agree, they look pretty smart!

100% Of Our Shipping Boxes Are Plastic Free

Not only are our our supplements in eco-friendly packaging, but what you receive them in is also eco-friendly.

This is why you will receive your supplements in cardboard boxes or paper-filled jiffy bags, so that they can be fully recycled.

We are working closely with our despatch centre to reduce the size, weight and waste of our boxes, where possible, in order to reduce our carbon footprint when delivering customer goods.

As a result, we will shortly be rolling out our new shipping boxes, which will be manufactured within the UK, and are fully recyclable.

Our Naked Promise

We are very proud to be 'naked'....we just have a thing about lab coats!<br><br>

You will never find any artificial ingredients within our supplements, no synthetics, no additives or preservatives, no bulk powders. They are totally naked! Even the capsule is made from 100% tapioca. <br><br>

All of our supplements are scientifically proven, free from GMO’s and free from allergens such as dairy and gluten. <br><br>

We are committed to ensuring that all the high potency, natural ingredients that we use to formulate our products are ethically sourced. Where possible, we support small, family run farms, ensuring the highest quality raw materials. <br><br>

All of the food or botanical ingredients are manufactured and tested in line with Pharmaceutical standards and are cruelty free. Where possible we use organic ingredients within our supplements and we only work with suppliers who are committed to sustainable and ethical production, ensuring that what ends up in the supplement capsule is as pure and powerful as it was when picked!

“It is deep-rooted within our ethos to help others and take action to encourage positive change.”

Kevin Leivers M.R.Pharm.S
Founder, The Naked Pharmacy

Our Pledge

We are a company built for people. Our main passion is helping you to feel great. Yes, of course through taking our supplements, but also in having the confidence that your purchase from The Naked Pharmacy is the right choice for you and the environment!

This is why we offer a totally unique and free, UK based Pharmacy telephone service. Call and speak to one of our registered Pharmacist’s for advice and guidance on which supplement is best suited to you as well as advice on taking our supplements alongside prescription medication.

No automated call lines or long wait times in queues; just real people, qualified Pharmacist’s offering support and advice.

Why The Naked Pharmacy?

100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients.

Vegan friendly & Gluten free.

Highest potency ingredients sourced from around the world.

Every batch quality tested by pharmacists.

Sustainable production.

Our Customers Love Us