Natural Sleep Solutions

If you are struggling to fall asleep or wake up regularly and have difficulty getting back into a deep sleep that scroll down for our fast acting natural remedies to help you rest properly and wake up fully restored and refreshed.

Feeling tired and wired?

Continual fatigue may be symptomatic of more than just a lack of sleep or the constant demands of work and life. You can book an appointment with one our our exeprt pharmacists who can assess your symptoms and current medication in detail to find the best solutions to fit your health story.

Sleep Soundly

You may be a night owl but we do need to dial down the nervous system with the help of herbal remedies call nervines. These are gentle but effective nudges for the nerve and sensory systems to wind down an switch off. This helps sleep to come naturally without the need for a prescription.


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Sleep and stress hormones

Our stress hormone cortisol is closely connected to the sleep hormone melatonin. Cortisol ;evels are highest levels in the morning, lowering melatonin in the evening so less sleep! This is where saffron (saffrosun) is so effective by reducing cortisol in the mornings and so improving the quality of sleep in the evening.

Restless legs and sleep

Restless and twitchy muscles are a symptom of an overactive nervous system, making it difficult to settle into a restful sleep. Marine magnesium, sourced from sea water is the most effective solution taken before bedtime switches off these muscles