The Sunshine Spice

In a literal sense, saffron is the stigma of the Crocus Sativus flower. The vivid crimson stigmas are widely regarded as the most expensive spice on the market they are more expensive than gold. Saffron has been cultivated for centuries, for a wide range of purposes, from a cooking ingredient to a component of dyes, perfumes and medicine.

The Science Bit

Natural Saffron can have protective effects on the nervous system. It has three primary bioactives that are carotenoid type compounds - Safranal, Crocin, and Picrocrocin, that have multiple effects on different bodily systems.

Research shows that saffron bioactives work on serotonin production in the gut, where 90% of the happy hormone is produced.

Our supplement Saffrosun contains these bioactives at a clinically effective strength of 3.5%.

Explore our research on saffron and read why it is such a hardworking spice.

Health Benefits

Pharmaceutical quality Saffron is extremely effective for calming the nervous system and helping nerve fibres regenerate

  • Alleviate nervousness
  • Help you deal with stress
  • Reduce fatigue and help you sleep better
  • Restore and improve emotional balance

Saffron Products

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