Meet the Team | Fiona's Peri Menopause Story

Meet the Team | Fiona's Peri Menopause Story

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My name is Fiona, I am a wife, and mum to two incredibly busy boys ages 10 and 7, and I am also the Marketing Manager at the Naked Pharmacy.  I love working for a company that I totally believe in the products, and I love hearing and reading the stories from our customers on how these products have helped them so much. So today I have decided to share my story.

At the age of 42, I was feeling exhausted, tired, and not very excited about life. This was amid COVID. I knew that something was going on with me, but I didn’t know what.

As many of us probably did during Covid, I walked with friends to get out of the house. While talking to two of my friends who were a few years older than me, they started talking about menopause and all the symptoms and something clicked with how I was feeling, was pretty similar to what they were saying they were going through.

Perimenopause and menopause were not something I knew of much at the time, and I was only aware of hot flushes and menstruation stopping. 

After thoroughly researching the topic, I approached my GP, who told me I was too young and needed an antidepressant, with which I disagreed.  After a 9 month wait, I finally got to see a menopause specialist.

This specialist was amazing, listened to me and confirmed a lot of what I knew and educated me further and confirmed I was experiencing perimenopause.

I was placed on HRT, oestrogen and progesterone first and later testosterone. For the most part, a lot of my symptoms reduced, but I was still getting panic attacks and experiencing a lot of anxiety (only had these since perimenopause) and was still struggling with energy and my brain fog was still pretty bad.

I found out about The Naked Pharmacy from a friend, so was already taking their supplements for 6 months before joining the company. I can honestly say that these supplements have been life-changing for me. Most of my symptoms have gone and they are completely safe to take alongside my current HRT regime.

Naked Pharmacy Products

So what do I take? 

Marine Magnesium: This has helped my brain fog massively, I can honestly say I feel like myself again from a cognitive point of view. It has also helped me sleep so I feel rested. I take them at night, I started with 1 and worked my way up to 2.

Saffrosun Calm: I take this at night, and it has helped me feel calmer so I can sleep. I really feel the difference if I don’t take these every night.

Saffrosun Energy: Take this in the morning for those days when I need a little mood booster.

Metabolic Gold: to help with the sugar cravings, plus I have slightly elevated cholesterol and am struggling with my weight.

Gut Love: this has sorted out my digestion, I used to struggle with IBS symptoms and now don’t. I also pop Gut Love into my kids' yoghurts when they are taking antibiotics to protect their gut microbiome.

Natruflex: Since menopause, I have had lots of aches and pains especially in my joints and back. Natruflex has been amazing, and I am now able to do my weights, Pilates and Zumba class and not feel much discomfort.

Vitamin D3: I moved to the UK 5 years ago from sunny South Africa so really struggle with the lack of sunshine, especially in winter. This has lifted my mood and boosted my immunity, especially from all those nasty bugs my kids pick up from school. I take this year-round.

Immune Hero: Before taking this my skin was dry and my nails were breaking, but not anymore and it also protects me from all those winter bugs and for the most part have stayed healthy even when my kids are coughing on me.

Supplements on a fan

My must have supplements

  • Marine Magnesium
  • Saffrosun Calm
  • Natruflex
Kevin our founder always suggests taking one product for a few months, then adding another so that you can see which one is working for you, he doesn’t believe in taking supplements if you don’t need them.
If you are struggling with any peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, please contact our lovely pharmacists and they will advise you on what the best products are to help with the symptoms you are experiencing. You can even request a free call back at a time that is convenient for you.  Book Now
Meet The Team: Charlotte | Our Newest GPHC Pharmacist

Meet The Team: Charlotte | Our Newest GPHC Pharmacist

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I graduated from Kings College London and have worked as a pharmacist for 6 years, in both traditional community pharmacy and for NHS 111.

I enjoy being active for my health and well-being but mainly to get that serotonin boost and try to achieve a crazy goal each year.

I have run the Brighton Marathon, and Wimbledon Half Marathon, cycled 420 miles from Southwest London to Land’s End in Cornwall over 5 days and scuba dived into WW2 wrecks in the Philippines.

2025’s adventure is set! I will be cycling the NC500 with my equally bonkers friends. The NC500 is a 500-mile route along the stunning north coast of Scotland – there are hills, many, many hills. My family and partner think I am crazy, but they are always incredibly supportive!

Charlotte Lennox Parker

What is your role at The Naked Pharmacy? 

I had been working part-time at The Naked Pharmacy before I joined the team full-time this month!

Talking to customers each day has made me realise that many people want to know how to take ownership of their health and well-being.

My role is to advise our lovely customers on how to take our supplements alongside prescribed medications and make recommendations based on concerns raised. I also support the team with formulations, production and the quality control of supplements and also help educate our growing community through our newsletters and blogs.

The Naked Pharmacy truly has you at the forefront of everything they do. It allows me as a Healthcare Professional to help people holistically with a people-centred approach that I am extremely passionate about.

Hand with supplements

What supplements do I take and why? 

Gut Love – I cannot recommend this enough! I take Gut Love not only to improve my gut health but for skin health as well.  I have noticed an enormous difference in my skin especially when it comes to breakouts. I have more of a glow and clearer skin. My gut health is better, I am less bloated and far more energised, another surprising effect of improved gut health.

Top tip: If you are taking or have recently taken antibiotics I would recommend taking Gut Love. If you are taking antibiotics I recommend taking Gut Love at a different time to your antibiotic. For example, 2hrs after your antibiotic to avoid the antibiotic killing the good bacteria in Gut Love.

Natruflex Turmeric – As you know from my above escapades, I can get quite inflamed due to training. I have found Natruflex Turmeric really helps with my recovery due to the combination of turmeric and magnesium. I have experienced less delayed onset muscle soreness whilst taking it.

Top tip! To optimise your recovery, try taking TWO capsules the evening before a demanding workout, ONE capsule before your workout and then ONE capsule after your workout.

 Did you know that you can request a free call back with one of our GPhC registered pharmacists?

Our services extend beyond supplements!

Our team of experts are here to provide personalised guidance and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.

Request a call back now.

Meet the Team | Carly

Meet the Team | Carly

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Meet The Naked Pharmacy Team

We are a close-knit, family-orientated team, and as valued members of our "NAKED" community, we think it's time you got to know us a little better!

Over the next few months we will be introducing all our team members, who will be telling us a little bit more about themselves and showcasing their favourite TNP supplements. First up, Carly.

Carly: Commercial and Brand Lead

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Mum to three girls under 8 (two identical), that keep me on my toes, and an old Labrador called Monty, who is the most patient and loyal friend.
I love being outside, (especially being near the sea having grown up on the Isle of Wight), try to keep as active as possible through running, and am a wannabe interior designer – (which has led to some questionable scatter cushion choices), have terrible taste in music, but ultimately really just live trying to get through each day having remembered the various school projects, lunch box menus & pick up times.
Oh – and family and friends, they’re everything.


What is your role at The Naked Pharmacy?

I started at The Naked Pharmacy in 2022, in an admin role, after taking a career break to look after the girls. As the company has developed I migrated to my current role: Commercial and Brand Lead.
Working across all areas of the business has given me an understanding and appreciation of the importance that each department and person plays.
As brand lead, I ensure we remain innovative, brave, and forward-thinking in our approach but ultimately, we stay true to our values with people at the centre of everything we do.
We are a collaborative, small-but-mighty team, all working extremely hard - but it’s a joy to come to work every day.


What supplements do you take and why?

Marine Magnesium – this is my favourite supplement, an unsung hero in our range. I’ve always struggled with sleep, (maybe something to do with at one point having three under 18 months – yikes) but taking one capsule about an hour before I go to sleep really helps improve my sleep patterns. Lately, I’ve had to up my running mileage and rely on this supplement to help my muscle recovery.

Marine Magnesium with Prebiotic | Magnesium SupplementMarine Magnesium with Prebiotic | Magnesium Supplement

Top Tip: Start with one capsule daily and build up.


Saffrosun Calm – comes everywhere with me! I couldn’t be without this supplement.

Firstly, it’s important to recognise, that anxiety can affect anyone, for absolutely no reason. Sometimes, as in my case, anxiety can be triggered by a traumatic event, but that isn’t always the case. I am very aware that I am one of the lucky ones. Please, if you are worried or concerned about your mental health after experiencing anxious feelings, please do reach out – there are always options for you.

In 2017, shortly after they arrived, one of my twins was really poorly, which resulted in a traumatic few weeks in NICU. Thankfully, it all worked out, (she’s now a very active and spirited 7-year-old) – but the experience left me with quite significant PTSD, presenting as anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobic feelings. After trying various medications to ease these symptoms, I tried a natural option in Saffrosun Calm – which really does take the edge off for me, and is my now go-to, if I feel an episode creeping in.

I don’t feel I need these daily, but they work wonders when I feel my anxiety/panic creeping in (which is often at inappropriate, un-predictable times), which is why these really are my safety net. Speak with our pharmacists about how this supplement can be taken based on your personal anxiety experiences and current medication or therapy plan.

Top Tip: When it comes to managing anxiety, it really is unique to everyone. It’s about finding your unique path to a healthy way of life.

Saffrosun® Calm | Saffron Supplements


Natruflex Turmeric has really helped to ease my aches and pains throughout my last few weeks of training for the London Marathon.

Dimple (our wonderful Pharmacy Lead) advised that I try taking Natruflex, twice a day, to help with the inflammation, and this has seemed to really ease the knee pain – I will continue to take this for the next few weeks and for post-marathon recovery, I’m pleased that it’s having a positive impact.
Natruflex® Turmeric Supplement | Muscle & Joint Support
Top Tip:You can open up the capsules and mix with a food containing healthy fats like yoghurt (not fat-free!)
Immune Hero for Children thank goodness it’s feeling more like Spring! These have been a standard addition at mealtimes in my household. These little Vitamin C and Zinc capsules have worked wonders in helping the girls fend off and fight the dreaded (endless) winter bugs.
Immune Hero - Boost Children's Immune System
Top Tip: For younger children try twisting open the capsules and adding the contents to bolognese sauce, pesto etc.
Nick's Story | How Natural Solutions Helped Him With Myocarditis

Nick's Story | How Natural Solutions Helped Him With Myocarditis

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I suffered a viral attack on my heart in May 2014 called Myocarditis. After a week in hospital, many drugs, MRI etc. I was told that the virus had not damaged the heart but I was left with inflammation around the muscle of the heart.

I was prescribed to take 4 ibuprofen tablets 3 times a day, 2 paracetamol 3 times a day and gout tablet. I was advised to continue to take the tablets until I felt well enough to stop taking them. The cardiologist gave me the impression I would recover quickly.

The viral attack leaves inflammation around the heart, which leaves you unable to take part in any sports activities. It reduces you to a very slow pace of walking and gives you a constant aching pain in the chest. It often gives you a burning sensation as if stoked through the chest and out of your back. The lack of physical activity and ability is quite shocking.

In September 2014, on a follow-up appointment, I was no further forward with no improvement to my health and I was dependant on the over the counter tablets and gout tablet to relieve the constant aches and pains. The cardiologist was surprised I was not any better and after a second MRI the results concluded that I had made little improvement and recommended doubling the recommended daily dosage!

He suggested a 10x dosage of Anadin 3 times a day as he was at a loss as what else he could suggest to improve my situation. 

I only managed to take two of these tablets as it increased the pain tenfold. So I just continued with the previous tablets. 

February 2016 I decided that I should not continue to take the high dosage of ibuprofen and that I should try to reduce the amount I was taking. This presented a problem as I was now dependant on them as I soon found out. Out of the 12 ibuprofen a day I was taking, I tried to drop just one tablet a day per week. I would get so low from this and it would create, what some would call a cotton wool head, struggling to think properly and have negative thoughts.

I had become addicted to the ibuprofen. It would take about 2 weeks for me to feel normal again and I began to dread dropping another tablet, as I knew what I would have to go through. It was at this point that I decided to try alternative therapies.

I saw an acupuncturist and she said that my body was full of inflammation. She recommended a Paleo diet to reduce the inflammation. She also put me in touch with Kevin from The Naked Pharmacy.

When I contacted Kevin at the Naked Pharmacy, he could not have been more helpful. We had a half hour telephone consultation where I was able to tell him all about my case. Kevin recommended I take his supplements for two weeks. After the two weeks period I was able to stop all over the counter and prescription drugs in one go with no withdrawal side effects. This really did prove to me that the supplements worked.

A year later I have now been able to take up jogging again and can do most types of physical exercise. I very rarely have pain (only when I forget to take the naked pharmacy tablets!) My mental health has greatly improved and on the whole I feel back to normal.

What is so wonderful about the naked pharmacy products is that they work and they have no side effects. These tablets really have changed my life. I have also recommended Saffrosun to friends who now also swear by them. In one case, her partner had bi-polar tendencies but refused to go on any medication. He is now taking Saffrosun and she has really noticed a difference in him. The Naked Pharmacy products really do work.”


Whilst The Naked Pharmacy do not advise you use our products in place of recommended medical advice, we aim to educate about the benefits of natural alternatives and to provide effective, proven products and free advice to suit each individual customer.

If you have any questions please do contact us and have a chat our number is 01483 685 630 or email us at

Eleanor’s Story | How Natural Solutions Helped Her With Menopausal Symptoms

Eleanor’s Story | How Natural Solutions Helped Her With Menopausal Symptoms

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Eleanor came to us complaining of a host of menopause symptoms. We recommended a course of Saffrosun, The Naked Pharmacy’s much-loved high-strength saffron supplement. Her testimonial speaks for itself:

"I started taking Saffrosun 8 months ago and feel like a different person."

I lead a very busy life with demands on my time and emotional energy and as I approach 50 was beginning to feel physically and mentally exhausted. I have never been susceptible to mood swings PMT, but suddenly found myself increasingly irritable and snappy. In honesty I was experiencing bouts of rage (a new experience) over matters that simply didn't warrant the level of anger I felt.

I was also experiencing forgetfulness and brain fog which didn't make any sense to me and only served to increase irritability.I had tried a brief spell of HRT prescribed by the GP but the side effects of bloating and weight gain far outweighed the short lived benefits which only lasted a few weeks before the erratic emotional responses returned. Furthermore taking medication to deal with a natural process didn't sit right with me.

I started taking Saffrosun after a friend suggested it. For 6 weeks I took it alongside my HRT tablets before dropping them completely and relying solely on the Saffrosun. I experienced an almost immediate sense of stability in my thinking, the brain fog lifted and the irritability vanished. My emotional capacity to deal the demands of my life felt invigorated. Within 3 weeks of stopping the HRT my weight dropped by 12lb and remained fairly stable ever since.

I am so happy to be able to journey through this hormonal process supported by a wholly natural product.

Thank you Update from Eleanor (March 2020): I have been taking Saffrosun for 6 years now. In the last 4 months I have reduced the dose to once a day with no ill effect.

Image of Saffrosun Calm & Saffrosun Energy

Whilst The Naked Pharmacy do not advise you use our products in place of recommended medical advice, we aim to educate about the benefits of natural alternatives and to provide effective, proven products and advice to suit each individual customer.

If you have any questions please do contact us and have a free chat our number is 01483 685 630 or email us at

Levi’s Story | How Natural Remedies Helped Him With ADHD & ASD Symptoms

Levi’s Story | How Natural Remedies Helped Him With ADHD & ASD Symptoms

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There is nothing more rewarding than hearing first-hand how our natural remedies have helped a customer. The story of Levi really hit home as he is only 12 years old. He was really suffering and it was impacting the rest of his family too. Levi has ASD and ADHD and his mother, Sarah wanted to share their story as she felt it might help others in a similar situation.

A difficult time: Evenings were a tough time for Levi and his family. He would get agitated after playing video games and would not turn them off. He found it very difficult to settle down and get ready for bed and would refuse to brush his teeth. The bedtime routine would often take hours and escalate until there was screaming and shouting. This would upset the whole family and really affect the atmosphere in their home. Then the next morning, it would take Levi a long time to get up. 

Levi's mum Sarah was emotionally drained, exhausted and at breaking point. Enough is enough Sarah was desperate to help her son and explored all paths possible in a bid to bring calm to all of their lives.

She first heard about the benefits of saffron on a Gordon Ramsey show and spent some time researching it. She made the decision to order Saffrosun For Children in the hope it might help.

Levi started taking two capsules in the morning with his breakfast. At first, there was no change at all. However, after about a week, Sarah noticed a visible difference in Levi’s behaviour. He was calmer and not as argumentative. He seemed much more level-headed and there was no instant reaction where there had been before.

Levi was less agitated and stressed and was able to settle down in the evenings in a fraction of the time. The mornings were also better with Levi waking up more easily.

I never thought it would work, now I can’t live without it!

Levi's teachers saw a difference too and called Sarah with a positive report on him - something that hadn't happened in years. Sarah and her family are over the moon with the results they have seen and Levi is much more settled and happier in himself.

In response to Levi's story, Kevin Leivers says: "When I founded The Naked Pharmacy six years ago I had a vision of reinventing the traditional pharmacy, combining natural remedies, modern science with old fashioned values. I wanted to create a pharmacy where you can actually speak to a pharmacist to find effective solutions for common health problems.

Myself and the pharmacy team get an enormous lift when we hear stories like Levi's because it shows that we are making a real difference to people's lives. Our customers are our community and by sharing these health stories it demonstrates that natural remedies are powerful when formulated in the correct scientific way.

I also love the fact that we are doing all this in a holistic way without synthetic chemicals so kinder to the body and the environment."

Whilst The Naked Pharmacy do not advise you use our products in place of recommended medical advice, we aim to educate about the benefits of natural alternatives and to provide effective, proven products and free advice to suit each individual customer.

If you have any questions please do contact us and have a chat our number is 01483 685 630 or email us at

Kevin Leivers, Founders Story

Kevin Leivers, Founders Story

A video explaining why Kevin Leivers started The Naked Pharmacy.
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A video explaining why Kevin Leivers started The Naked Pharmacy.