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Saffrosun For Children - EFFECTIVE STRENGTH SAFFRON for emotional balance - The Naked Pharmacy
Saffrosun For Children - EFFECTIVE STRENGTH SAFFRON for emotional balance - The Naked Pharmacy

Saffrosun For Children - EFFECTIVE STRENGTH SAFFRON for emotional balance

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How Can Saffrosun for Children Benefit Your child? 

Does your child struggle with emotional balance? 

Does your child struggle with frequent tiredness?

Do they suffer from poor quality sleep? 


If yes, then Saffrosun for children is ideal for your child. 


What is in Saffrosun for children? 

Saffrosun for children is a safe and effective natural supplement that uniquely contains the world’s strongest, premium grade Saffron stigma extract sourced from La Mancha, Spain, combined with Vitamins B12 and D3. 

What makes our Saffrosun for children so effective? 

Our potent Saffron Extract contains Lepticrosalides at a standardised strength of 3.5%, compared to alternative products that feature Lepticrosalides at a non-standardized strength of only 0.3%. 


What are the active components? 

Crocin, Saffranal and Picrocrocin fall within a subclass of carotenoids known as the Lepticrosalides, and are the three primary active components of the Saffron extract. 


What do the Lepticrosalides do? 

 Lepticrosalides have been clinically proven to improve psychological balance, tiredness and help you feel rested and refreshed on waking. 


The Naked Pharmacy Quality 

  • 100% traceable (sourced from La Mancha, Spain). Our unique supplier controls all the production steps, from cultivation to final extract.
  • The Naked Pharmacy Saffrosun for children contains the world's most potent Saffron, containing uniquely, a minimum of 3.5%of Lepticrosalides
  • Full range of active Components – Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal 
  • Non-irradiated
  • Well tolerated in clinical testing (no recorded side effects)


    How does my child take Saffrosun for children?

     Year 6 -10: Give one capsule each morning with food.

    Years 10-14: Take two capsules daily, with food.

    Capsules may be twisted open and the contents mixed with food (yoghurt is best)


    My child is constantly feeling tired and exhausted. How will Saffrosun® for children help?

    Saffrosun for children® contains 100% of the daily amount for vitamin B12 which has been shown in clinical research studies to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Saffrosun for children® is unique in that it also contains high quality Spanish saffron extract which has been shown in clinical studies to help emotional balance. However, it is important to note that long term symptoms of tiredness and fatigue can be caused by a variety of symptoms such as iron deficiency. We would advise that any child who is experiencing problems for more than four weeks should speak to their medical practitioner to investigate the cause of their symptoms further.

    How will I know that Saffrosun for children® will be effective?

    The Naked Pharmacy has formulated Saffrosun for children® using the exact amounts of active ingredients proven to be effective for these symptoms in clinical research. We have purchased the best quality ingredients that contain the highest levels of active components. Our Gold Standard Saffron contains extracts of Saffranal, Crocin, Picrocrocin and a minimum of 3.5% of Lepticrosalides by HPLC.

    Can I take Saffrosun for children® if my child is vegetarian?

     Yes. Saffrosun for Children® contains no fish or meat products and so can be taken by vegetarians.


    Are there side effects to taking Saffrosun for children®?

    No significant side effects have been recorded from taking Saffrosun for children®. If your child experiences any unusual symptoms after taking Saffrosun for Children® please contact us at

    Crocus Sativus Stigma Extract (Saffron Stigma), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Cellulose (anti-caking agent)

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     Gluten Free

    Suitable for vegetarians

     Good manufacturing practice

     Tested on humans not animals

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