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The Naked Pharmacy's Women's Health range offers a selection of natural, quality-assured health solutions.

"Like many women of my age blighted by the bloody menopause I suffered sleepless nights and restless leg syndrome causing bad temper and irritability
When I started taking Marine Magnesium and Saffrosun, the effect was almost instantaneous. My sleep has improved beyond measure and my legs no longer fidget. Best result I could have hoped for."

- Susannah Constantine

These include Saffrosun, Bio-Kult 14 multi-strain probiotic, Menoforce® Sage and Metabolic Gold for weight gain. These supplements support emotional and physical wellbeing, in addition to boosting and supporting the immune system.

Explore our research on saffron here and read why it is such a hardworking spice.


If you’re feeling nervous and struggling to cope, our selection of natural remedies for stress offer effective and natural alternatives. Using a unique, high-strength saffron extract, Saffrosun can help you manage:

1. Stress and nervousness.
2. Balancing your mood
3. Solve sleep issues
4. Provide vitality.


Saffrosun contains saffron; a warming spice that has anti-inflammatory properties formulated to strengthen the vagal nervous system connecting the gut to the brain, helping calm the nervous system and provide consistent emotional balance.

These capsules can be taken without any known side effects and contain vitamin D3, vitamin B12 (Saffrosun) or iodine (Saffrosun with Marine Minerals) and organic baobab which contribute to normal immune and digestive health and psychological function. They also promote better quality sleep, which will leave you feeling more energised and refreshed.

Strong scientific evidence shows that saffron works in the gut, to help with issues such as nervousness, panic attacks, irritable or low mood and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); all of which are common symptoms during menopause.

Saffrosun is the only saffron product available that contains the effective strength of the three saffron bioactives proven in clinical studies.

Explore our research on saffron here that highlights why it is such a hardworking spice.

Bio-Kult Multi-Strain Probiotic

Bio-Kult is a multi-strain probiotic which aids digestive health. Its capsule form makes it easy to carry as it doesn’t require refrigeration.

Our body needs a regular consumption of probiotics to mitigate fluctuating diet and lifestyle choices.

Bio-Kult multi-strain capsules can be used for short and long periods of time, and are great for when you travel abroad. Free from harmful toxins, the capsules line the gastrointestinal tract enabling easier and faster digestion. This, in turn, prevents conditions such as bloating after a meal and helps the body to break down food properly.

Menoforce Sage

Sage has traditionally been used to treat some of the most common and troublesome symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flushes and night sweats, both of which interrupt sleep.

Sage actually helps to retune your hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain responsible for temperature regulation. The changes in your hormones during the perimenopause and menopause can cause this thermostat to play up, resulting in hot flushes and sweats. Extracts of the herb, like Menoforce Sage tablets, have become a popular menopause treatment. This natural remedy will help you deal with excessive sweating, hot flushes, and night sweats during the menopause.

Natural Menopause Solutions

Saffrosun B12, Saffrosun Marine Minerals and Menoforce Sage are proven natural solutions for problematic menopause symptoms

Safety & Quality Guaranteed

Formulated by pharmacists with over 100 years of experience with quality testing of every batch

Gut Love

Formulated by pharmacists with organic prebiotics, to be kind to the gut, home to 90% our happy hormones

Purity and Power

100% pure remedies with no synthetic additives providing proven support for womens' health

Customer reviews
"I think the Saffrosun capsules
are working in conjunction
with my HRT to control my
menopausal symptoms."
“I feel these have helped me with peri-menopause, particularly the night sweats and hot flushes.”

Why The Naked Pharmacy?

100% natural, free from synthetic ingredients

Vegan friendly & Gluten free

Highest potency ingredients sourced from around the world

Every batch quality tested by pharmacists

Sustainable production

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What does free from synthetic mean?

We have absolutely no synthetic additives in our products. Our supplements are 100% powered by foods plants.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

The benefits of these remedies are felt very quickly, generally within 5 days because the added prebiotic / high strength piperine enhances absorption in the gut with the exception of Bergatone where significant cholesterol lowering is within 4 months.

Why are natural products better for you?

The Naked Pharmacy food supplements are 100% active ingredients and do not contain any non-nutritive substances, for example; fillers, flow agents, bulking agents, artificial colours and flavours.