We’re big fans of turmeric. It’s got a whole range of exciting benefits and fantastic qualities – not to mention how delicious it is. If you can’t find any in the cupboard, did you know you can use the contents of your Natruflex capsules for a little added flavour? True story.

The fiery yellow spice has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. Many Asian cultures have used it in their traditional medicine systems for centuries. We know that some remedies can be consigned to the ‘old wives’ tale’ pile, but this certainly isn’t the case with turmeric.

It contains active ingredients called curcuminoids. These are bioactive chemicals that influence the biochemical systems in the body, like digestion. There are 7 curcuminoid compounds in turmeric; curcumin is just one of them.

There’s now plenty of scientific evidence to back up the health benefits of turmeric, so let’s delve deeper and look at turmeric in detail.

Conventional Anti-inflammatory Medicine

In conventional medicine, you’ll find that anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, aspirin and diclofenac work by blocking or influencing inflammation.

This usually occurs like a waterfall, starting with a naturally occuring chemical called Arachidonic acid. The acid is converted into a number of chemicals that are inflammatory mediators. These are the chemicals in the body that cause redness, swelling, and pain, which can often occur in joints.

How does turmeric compare to anti-inflammatory medicine?

    Turmeric is different. Instead of having just one active ingredient, there are multiple bioactive compounds, up to 200 in fact. So instead of just effecting one area, it has an orchestra-like effect across many elements of the biochemical cascades.

    If single active chemicals are the big bass drum on the body, natural spice extracts such as turmeric, are an entire orchestra. This is because they contain multiple compounds and offer a much more subtle, flexible and adaptable influence on biochemical pathways.

    The latest research on the effects of turmeric bioactives focuses on receptors called PPARs, which affect different inflammatory pathways and has found that they connect to curcuminoids, causing a reduction of inflammatory response.

    The full effect of curcuminoids compounds haven’t been fully researched yet; it’s ongoing and as time goes by, we’re going to find more pathways alongside PPAR receptors that will explain more about the effects of curcuminoids. So stay tuned!

    There’s no doubt, turmeric is one of the most exciting natural ingredients we’ve experimented with so far. It’s the star ingredient of our Natruflex supplement, on account of its anti-inflammatory power. Whether you’re suffering from joint and muscle pain, decreased mobility or you’re looking to aid digestion, discover Natruflex today.

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