Natruflex Turmeric

Muscles. Joints. Gut.


Natruflex contains 95% strength turmeric and black pepper, combined with naturally sourced marine magnesium. Here's what it can do for you:

  1. Soothe joint and muscle discomfort
  2. Help protect the gut
  3. Aid sports performance and recovery


Please Note: The Natruflex Turmeric pouch pictured depicts our new packaging. You may receive our previous pouch design until we use up our current stock to avoid wastage. 

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Can Natruflex turmeric and Marine Magnesium be taken together?

Natruflex is our high potency turmeric and black pepper supplement that contains marine magnesium for additional nerve and muscle support. Each capsule contains 90mg of magnesium; this equates to just under 25% of the daily recommended amount of this essential mineral. Our pure Marine Magnesium supplement contains 100% of the daily recommended amount of magnesium. For this reason there should be no need to have both supplements together unless you know you are low in magnesium or are someone highly sporty who may lose essential minerals through heavy perspiration.

Why should Natruflex turmeric be taken after food?

The ultra high potency turmeric found in Natruflex is fat soluble - this means it's absorption across the gut wall is increased in the presence of a little fat or oil. Having it after a meal will increase the absorption quite significantly which can therefore increase its potential benefits.

Why should I avoid Natruflex turmeric and Black Garlic if I am taking an antiplatelet or anticoagulant medicine?

Antiplatelet and anticoagulant medicines work to prevent the blood clotting. In theory, high potency turmeric and black garlic may enhance the effect of these medicines and therefore increase the risk of an unintentional bleed. This is a theoretical risk only, however, we prefer to be cautious and so advise that the combination of these prescribed medications are avoided with these two supplements.

I am asthmatic. I avoid anti-inflammatory medicines because they affect my breathing - is this the same for turmeric?

Approximately 10% of all asthmatics should avoid anti-inflammatories due to a change in breathing caused by inhibition of COX-1, an enzyme involved in the anti-inflammatory pathway. Turmeric works on a completely different inflammatory pathway, called the PPAR pathway and so does not need to be avoided by asthmatics.

How it works

Our high potency turmeric contains multiple active curcuminoids at 95% effective strength. Compare this to standard food grade turmeric which contains ~4-6% curcuminoids and you can quickly see why we call ours 'high potency'. Clinical evidence has shown curcuminoids can have significant positive effects on soothing aching muscles and joints as well as improving sports performance and recovery.

This is combined with naturally sourced marine magnesium to further support nerve function, whilst the 95% bioactive piperine (another helpful bio-active) supplied by the black pepper helps increase absorption by up to 2000%.

Please note: because our turmeric is high potency we do not advise the use of Natruflex for anyone who is prescribed an antiplatelet or anticoagulant, also known as 'blood thinners'. If you are unsure if you are taking such a prescribed medication or would like further information on this please get in touch with our pharmacists who are available to answer any questions.

How to use

Adults and Children 12yrs + Take ONE or TWO capsules daily, with or after food.

We always recommend that you follow a healthy and balanced diet.

All of our capsules can be twisted open and the contents mixed with food or drink, such as a yogurt or smoothie, to consume if required.

The turmeric in our supplement is fat soluble - taking it after food will maximise its absorption and benefits for you.

Caution: we don't advise the use of this supplement during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

Key Ingredients

Our turmeric and black pepper are grown in the iron rich soils of southern India because the temperature, humidity, rainfall and soil conditions there are all perfect for delivering the best quality raw material.

Marine Magnesium is sustainably sourced from pure sea water making this an easily absorbed form of this essential mineral.

Every batch is quality tested by our Pharmacists.


Black Pepper

Magnesium from sea water

Product ingredients

Each capsule contains:

• Turmeric extract (containing 95% active curcuminoids): 400mg
• Black Pepper (containing 95% active piperine): 10mg
• Marine Magnesium: 90mg (24% NRV*)
• Tapioca capsule shell

*Nutrient Reference Value